Saturday 03 Apr 1841   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



On Sunday last the wife of a poor labouring man residing at Hayes, near London, was safely delivered of three fine girls, who with the mother are likely to do well. The mother had previously presented her husband with eight children.


At the Presbyterian Chapel, Lowther Street, in communion with the Church of Scotland, by the Rev. John PARK, on Monday, the 29th ult., Mr. John FORSYTH, of Shaddongate, to Miss Sarah BARKER, of Trinity Buildings.

At Wigton, on the 21st ult., Mr. Joseph Aston TODD, cabinet maker, to Miss Eliza Forbes WALKER, both of Wigton.

At Workington, on the 27th ult., Mr. Spencer BELL, mariner, to Miss Ann HODGSON.

At Corner House, Cannobie, on Tuesday, the 23rd ult., Mr. Walter GLENDINNING, to Miss Betty HYSLOPE.

At Doncaster, on Thursday, the 25th ult., by the Lord Bishop of Bangor, William BETHELL, Esq., son of the Rev. G. BETHELL, Fellow of Eton College, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Edmund DENISON, Esq., of Doncaster.

At Orston, lately, Mr. Joseph HUSKINSON, to Mrs. Elizabeth CARLISLE. The bride is in her seventieth year, and the bridegroom is on the wrong side of seventy-seven. The father of the latter was married at the age of 80, and died at the age of 102.—Dumfries Courier.



In Court Square, in this city, on Friday, the 26th ult., Mrs. Jane ROY, aged 88 years.

In Lawson's Lane, in this city, Mr. Barnard M'NESS, aged 40 years.

In the Crown and Anchor Lane, Mr. Robert WALKER, aged 66 years.

In St. Mary's Workhouse, Mrs. Ann M'KENZIE, aged 84.

In Brown's Lane, Castle Street, Mrs. Jane STRONG, aged 68.

In the London Road, on Thursday last, Eleanor, relict of the late Town Major FORD, of Carlisle, aged 65 years.

At Cummersdale, near this city, Mr. James MARTIN, aged 42.

At Petteril Green, on the 26th ult., John Richardson, infant son of Robert Holme PARKER, Esq.

At Wigton, on Thursday the 25th ult., after a short illness, Miss Jane GRAINGER, the only daughter of the late Mr. Henry GRAINGER, of Ireby, aged 23 years.

At Holm Cultram Abbey, on Tuesday last, the 30th ult., after a very short illness, Mr. John FERGUSON, in the 61st year of his age. The deceased was much and deservedly respected by all who knew him; he was a kind husband, and an indulgent and affectionate parent.

At Penrith, lately, Mr. Patrick LAWING, aged 79 years; and Elizabeth, wife of Mr. James LAIDLAW, aged 33 years.

At Eamont Bridge, Mr. William PEARSON, aged 70 years.

At Ireby, very suddenly, on the 27th ult., Mr. Robert RENNICKS, of Green Hill, in Bassenthwaite, near Keswick.

At Distington, on Saturday, the 27th ult., of consumption, Henry, the son of Mr. Thomas SMITH, spade and edge-tool maker, in his 19th year. The deceased was a young man of great promise, and his death is deeply lamented by his numerous relatives and friends.

At Cockermouth, on the 28th ult., Mr. William PEARSON, aged 73 years.

At Workington, lately, Jane, wife of Mr. William MURRAY, waterman, aged 46 years; and James, son of Mr. John HODGSON, in his fifth year.

At Egremont, on Wednesday, the 24th ult., Miss Mary Ann DICKINSON, aged 16 years.

At Carleton, near Egremont, on Tuesday, the 23rd ult., Mr. Jonathan STANWIX, formerly of Cockermouth, land surveyor, aged 49 years.

At Bridekirk, on the 20th ult., Mr. John HUDSON, husbandman, aged 74 years.

At Newbie, near Annan, on the 22nd ult., Mr. Matthew Poole, of Blacketlees, pork-curer.

At Annan, lately, Mr. William Neilson, ship carpenter.

At Langholm, on the 25th ult., Mr. James ESPLIN, stocking-frame needle-maker, aged 53 years.

At Low Farnberry, near Alston, on Thursday, the 25th ult., Mr. Matthew ROBSON, aged 69 years.

At Nenthead, on Friday, the 26th ult., Mrs. Mary LITTLE, aged 85 years.

At Skelgill Plains, near Alston, Ruth, wife of Mr. Peter MAUGHAN, aged 29 years.

At Whitehaven, lately, Mrs. Mary JACKSON, relict of the late Mr. Henry JACKSON, of Cowbra Castle, near Egremont, aged 74 years; Ann, daughter of Mr. Richard ROUTLEDGE, aged 18 years.

At Bell House, near Whitehaven, on Friday, the 12th ult., Hannah, daughter of Mr. Chambers BOADLE, aged 20 years.

At Kilmarnock, on Tuesday, the 29th ult., Mr. GARDNER, of the George Hotel.

At Liverpool, on the 22nd ult., Mrs. Ann BOARDMAN, widow, sister to the late Michael HUGHES, Esq., of Kingston House, Moresby, near Whitehaven.

At Aux Cayes, St. Domingo, on the 25th of January, Captain Thomas MANN, of the Margaret, formerly of Whitehaven, and brother to Mr. David MANN, of Whitehaven, aged 45 years.

On the 10th of November last, on board the Lord Althorp, on her voyage home from Calcutta, Robert HOWE, aged 19 years, third son of Mr. John HOWE, formerly of Keswick, now of George's Quay, Dublin.

At Liverpool, on Wednesday last, after a long and severe illness, Thomas COGLAN, Esq , late member of the Council for St. Ann's Ward.

At Dublin, on Wednesday, the 24th ult., Earl O'NEILL, who had been sometime suffering under serious illness.