Saturday 13 Mar 1841   (p. 3, col. 7)



At Penrith, the lady of John TAYLOR, M.D., of a daughter.



At Rockliff, on Thursday, the 4th instant, Mr. William PEEL, to Miss Betsy THORBURN; and at the same place, on Tuesday, the 9th instant, Mr. James CARRUTHERS, to Miss Catharine REED.

At Annan, on the 8th instant, Mr. NUTSFORD, hair-dresser, of Maryport, to Miss Sophia HESLOP, of the same place.

At Penrith, on the 10th instant, Mr. John CHAPMAN, of Hartrop, to Miss Catharine RELPH, of Penrith.

At St. John's Church, Keswick, on Saturday, the 6th instant, Mr. John GREEN, to Mary, daughter of Mr. Thomas WILSON, of Watendlath, near Keswick.

At Cockermouth, on the 5th instant, Mr. Fisher ASHTON, to Mrs. Mary HARTLEY.

At Cockermouth, on Tuesday, the 9th instant, Mr. Benjamin NICHOLSON, waller, to Miss Elizabeth YOUNG.

At Whitehaven, Mr. Jonathan WEAR, shipwright, to Miss Ellen JACKSON, both of Newtown.

At Bedford, on the 3rd instant, the Rev. William BENN, B.A. Rector of Corney, near Whitehaven, to Maria, daughter of the late Rev. William LAWTON, Rector of Lawton, Cheshire.


On the 7th of March, at her residence in Abbey Street, Miss PATTENSON, daughter of the late T. PATTENSON, Esq., of Melmerby Hall, Cumberland, aged 70 years.

In Lowther Street, on Tuesday, the 9th instant, Henry, son of Mr. Henry TWEDDLE, painter, aged 15 years.

In Castle Street, on Friday, the 5th instant, Mrs. Mary SMITH, aged 63 years.

In Waugh's Lane, Botchergate, on Wednesday, the 10th instant, Mr. David HARKNESS, of Glasgow, aged 28 years.

In the House of Recovery, in this city, on Wednesday last, Mr. William BRADSHAW, of Castle Street, aged 60 years.

At Cumwhitton, on Sunday, the 7th instant, universally esteemed, Mr. Joshua SHIELDS, formerly dyer at Buckabank, in the 79th year of his age.

At Wells, on the 8th instant, William, only son of the late Rev. William IRVING, of Nichol Forest, near Longtown, aged nine years.

At Wigton, on Monday last, James, son of Mr. Robinson BOUSTEAD, aged nine years; and on the same day, Mr. James ANDERSON, clogger, aged 76 years.

At Longmoor, near Wigton, Mrs. Mary WALLAS, aged 77 years.

At Penrith, on the 5th instant, very suddenly, George, the infant son of Mr. BURTHWICK, chemist, aged six months.

At Pooley Bridge, on Sunday, the 7th instant, Mr. Robert BAINBRIDGE, aged 90 years.

At Alston, on the 8th instant, Mrs. Ann REDSHAW, widow, aged 87 years.

At Maryport, on the 7th instant, Betsy, daughter of Captain John HUDDART, of the Relief, aged seven years; and on the same day, Mr. William JACKSON, labourer, aged 49 years.

At Maryport, lately, Mr. John ALLEN, joiner and cabinet maker, aged 43 years.

At Cockermouth, on Monday, the 8th instant, Mary, the wife of Mr. George DUGGAN, aged 62 years.

At Keswick, on Tuesday, the 2nd instant, Jane, relict of the late Mr. Robert RICHARDSON, edge-tool manufacturer, aged 85 years.

At Swineside, near Keswick, on Friday, the 5th instant, very suddenly, Hannah, the wife of Mr. Joseph GRAHAM, aged 71 years.

At the Workhouse, Bootle, on Monday, the 1st instant, Mrs. Margaret NICHOLSON, late of Ravenglass, aged 44 years.

At Ann's Hill, near Cockermouth, on Thursday, the 4th instant, Christiana Maria, youngest daughter of William SLACK, Esq., aged six years.

At Workington, on the 2nd instant, Sarah, the wife of Joseph THOMPSON, Esq., solicitor, aged 55 years.

At Whitehaven, Benson, son of Mrs. MACKINTOSH, aged 13 years; Mr. John WILSON, aged 25 years; Mr. Robert WEAR, aged 44 years; Miss Mary Ann M'GLENNON, aged 19 years; Mr. John LAWSON, aged 52 years; and Mrs. Catharine M'GILL, aged 58 years.

At Raven Hill, near Whitehaven, Mrs. Mary GAMBWELL, aged 81 years.

At Crackanthorpe, near Appleby, on Monday, the 1st inst., Mr. Wm. ION, yeoman, aged 50 years—much respected.

At Liverpool, lately, Mrs. FAGAN, wife of Mr. Thomas FAGAN, ship-carpenter, and daughter of Mr. W. HEARD, stonemason, Egremont, aged 24 years.

At Liverpool, on the 1st instant, Mrs. ROBINSON, widow, late of Whitehaven, aged 73 years.

At Newport, Monmouthshire, on Thursday, the 4th instant, Mr. Robert Jackson HARRISON, eldest son of Mr. HARRISON, of Workington, sail-maker, aged 31 years.