Saturday 24 Oct 1840   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




At Kirkoswald, on the 16th instant, the Lady of the Rev. G. G. LAWSON, of a son.




At St. Mary's on the 22nd instant, Mr. Thomas DAWSON, to Mrs. Mary ELLIOT.

On the 6th of July last, at the Cathedral, Calcutta, by the Rev. Archdeacon DEALTRY, Lieutenant William FELL, of the East India Company's Service, second son of Mr. FELL, of Workington, to Eliza Juliana BIE, third daughter of the late O. L. BIE, Esq., judge and magistrate of Serampore.

On Monday last, at Whitehaven, Mr. Richard ROBINSON, mariner, to Miss Euphemia THOMPSON; same day, Mr. Archibald ANDERSON, miner, to Miss Margaret DUNLOP.

On Monday week, at the office of the Superintendent Registrar, Whitehaven, Mr. Joseph WANE, grocer, Calderbridge, to Miss Mary RUSSELL, of the same place.

On Sunday last, at the Parish Church, Workington, Mr. Thomas NAHAN, blacksmith, to Miss Margaret MURPHY.

On Monday last, at Bowness Church, Windermere, Mr. Wm. DENNY, Wharton, to Miss Jane DOBSON, Bowness.

At Hawkshead, on Thursday last, the Rev. F. BARKER, incumbent of Edge Hill Church, Liverpool, to Jane Sophia, eldest daughter of John HARDEN, Esq., of Field Head.

On the 18th instant, at Dean, by the Rev. S. SHERWEN, Mr. John YEWART, of Brigham, husbandman, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert ROBINSON, Pardshaw.

At Crosthwaite, near Kendal, on the 13th instant, Mr. R. WHINNEREY, of Liverpool, currier and leather dealer, to Dorothy, eldest daughter of the late Richard CARTMEL, Esq., of Crosthwaite.




In Botchergate, on Saturday last, Mrs. Mary M'GOWAN, aged 81 years.

In this city, since our last, Mrs. Hannah TWEDDLE, aged 51 years; also Mrs. Mary GRAHAM, aged 61 years.

In Botchergate, since our last, Mr. John WATSON, aged 69 years.

At Holme Head Works, near this city, on the 16th instant, Anne Teasdale, daughter of Mr. Thomas MORLEY, in the 2nd year of her age.

At Beaumont, since our last, Mr. Joseph BARCLAY, in the 35th year of his age.

At Dalston Low Mill, on the 16th instant, aged 59 years, Samuel BLAIN, of the firm of WRIGHT and BLAIN, one of the  Society of Friends—much respected.

At Horse Close, on the 18th inst., Samuel NELSON, aged 67 years—much respected.

At Brampton, on the 17th instant, Mr. Thomas LITTLE, aged 90, highly and deservedly respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances; at the same place, Mary CLEMINSON, aged 24 years.

At Wigton, on Friday, the 16th instant, Mr. John MILLAR, aged 62 years; at the same place, on Tuesday last, John, son of Mr. Thomas PEARSON, parish clerk, aged 8 years.

At Longmoor, near Wigton, on Saturday last, ———, son of Mr. Joseph LINTON, aged 11 years.

At Melmerby, on the 14th instant, in his 74th year, Mr. Jacob HOW, yeoman—much and deservedly respected by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.

On Wednesday week, in George Street, Whitehaven, Mr. Andrew NIELSON, for many years landlord of the Ship tavern, Marlborough Street, in the 85th year of his age; at the same place, since our last, Mr. David PROUD, Duke Street, aged 66 years; and in the Market-place, Agnes, wife of Mr. Thomas MURPHY, aged 20 years.

On Monday week, at Overend, near Whitehaven, Mr. Daniel ATKINSON, late farmer at Keekle Bank, at an advanced age.

At Saint Bees, on Thursday, the 15th instant, in her 85th year, Miss RICHARDSON, a maiden late [sic], sister of the late William RICHARDSON, Esq., of Cross Street, Whitehaven—much respected.

At High Harrington, on Thursday week, Mrs. Nancy JORDAN, widow, aged 81 years—much respected.

Since our last, Workington, Jane, wife of Mr. Wm. COLLINS, aged 42 years.

At Holm Rook, on Thursday week, aged 59 years, Mr. John BIRKETT, draper.

At Dearham, on the 4th inst., Mrs. Mary LISTER, wife of Mr. Jonathan LISTER, aged 70 years.

At Cockermouth, on Friday, the 16th inst., Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Henry BIRKETT, joiner, aged 20 years; and on Saturday last, Mr. John STODDART, formerly check manufacturer, at the advanced aged of 88 years. He was a gentleman greatly esteemed through life for the equanimity of his temper, unsuspicious disposition, and all those amiable and philantropic feelings which adorn the mind of the real Christian.

At Papcastle, near Cockermouth, on Saturday, the 10th inst., Miss Eliza STEBBINGS, aged 18 years.

On Wednesday week, at Cartmel, after a long illness, Agnes, the wife of Mr. Mr. Wm. FIELD, aged 72 years.

At Clifton, Westmorland, on Friday, the 16th instant, Mr. Wm. GRAHAM, yeoman, aged 86 years; he was a man through life deservedly respected.

At Cliburn, Westmorland, on Monday the 14th instant, Mr. Thomas COULSTON, parish clerk of Cliburn for 24 years, having succeeded his father, who filled the same situation for 61 years.

On the 12th instant, at Ulverston, Ann, widow of the late Mr. George BRAITHWAITE, at the advanced age of 86 years; on the 16th, at Knittleton, in Kirkby Ireleth, Mr. John REDHEAD, farmer, aged 76; and on the 18th, Mr. John NICHOLSON, flax dresser, advanced in years.