Police – Workington

Theft Of An Overcoat. – At the Workington Police-court, on Wednesday, two men, masons by trade, name d Peter FERGUSON and Thomas FAWCETT, were charged with having stolen an overcoat form the shop of Mr REDMAYNE, Wilson-street, Workington. – Edward DAVIDSON, manager of the shop, said that Ferguson came into the shop on Saturday night and made a small purchase. He noticed prisoner loitering about the shop all the evening. The overcoat that the police produced was his property, and was hung in the doorway of the shop on Saturday evening, and was missed about half-past ten o’clock. – A witness named DOCKERTY said that on Monday evening the two prisoner came to him in Washington-street and offered to sell the overcoat. He bought the coat for 2s6d, and the prisoner Ferguson took the money. – Inspector DODD apprehended the two prisoners.- Ferguson stated that he bought the coat in a shop in the town on Saturday night. – Fawcett denied all knowledge of it, and said that he only sold it for Ferguson. – Ferguson pleaded guilty, and he was sent to gaol for one month with hard labour. – Fawcett was discharged, as if appeared he had only aided in selling the coat for the purpose of raising money for drink.


Maryport Advertiser and Weekly News June 23 1882

Police – Workington

More Thefts: Drink The Cause. – John GILLESPIE was charged with having killed and stolen a hen, the property of Daniel DORAN, at North-side. – Doran went to the hen-hull about two o’clock on Monday, and saw a hen lying dead. It had been newly killed, and he saw the prisoner asleep a few yards away with the evidence on his boots and clothes that he had been in the hen yard. He went for Inspector DODD, who aroused prisoner and charged him with the offence. Prisoner alleged that he had been drunk and did not know what he had been doing. His clothes and boots showed that he had been in the hen yard, and killed the hen. – Prisoner was fined 25s., including the costs.


Joseph M’CONNELL was charged with having stolen a trowel from a lodging-house in King-street on Monday. – Joseph SHAW said that he owned the trowel, which was put in a bag upstairs at one o’clock on Monday. At six it was missing, and he then gave the information to the police. The police proved that the trowel had been pledged by prisoner under the name of Wilson. Prisoner said that he was drunk, and did not know anything about the trowel. – Prisoner, who pleaded guilty, was fined 30s, inclusive of costs, or a month in default.