Aspatria and District


The Accident at Harrington Pit. – The two divers from Cardiff are still pursuing their explorations down the pit. The workmen employed have succeeded in getting the clack door off. At what particular date the water may be got out of the pit is very uncertain. In the meantime some of the men have obtained work at the various collieries in the district.


Hayton Church. – A beautiful stained glass memorial window has been placed in this church by Mr Joseph HETHERINGTON, of Midtown, Hayton, in memory of his wife and children. The colouring is rich in tone, and the figures are finely executed.

Aspatria Independent Chapel Festival. – The half-yearly social tea festival in connection with the Independent Chapel was held on Wednesday. In the afternoon tea was served in the Market-hall, to which a goodly number sat down. In the evening the usual public meeting was held in the chapel. Mr C DICKINSON presided, and there was a good attendance. Addresses were given by several of the members on the preachers’ plan.


Serious Accident at Torpenhow. – During the afternoon of Wednesday an accident occurred to Mr John MATTINSON, youngest son of Mr Mattinson, farmer, of Ireby. Having kindly offered to assist Mr Turner DOUGLAS, Ruthwaite, to load straw that had been threshed at Whitecroft, and was to be despatched to Keswick by cart yesterday morning, Mr Mattinson was loading upon the cart, and after putting on the required quantity was in the act of pulling tight the rope when it broke. The straw upon being released from the rope rebounded, causing the loader to be thrown with great violence upon the flagged yard. He fell upon the side of his head with considerable force and a deep cut and insensibility resulted. Assistance was procured, and the injured man conveyed home to his father’s residence at Ireby, a messenger was despatched for Dr BRIGGS, who was soon in attendance. Upon examination the doctor pronounced the case as most serious, and gave little hope of recovery. Wednesday night was passed by the patient in a state of stupor, and early yesterday morning the doctor again visited the injured man, No favourable change had taken place, and it is feared that there is little hope of recovery.


Sunday Lecture. – Under the auspices of the Aspatria Sunday Lecture Committed a lecture was given in the Noble Temple, Aspatria, on Sunday last, by Mr Thomas FARRALL, entitled "The Life of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton – a Study for Young Men." The chair was taken by Mr Foster FARRALL, and there was a very large audience, the Temple being literally crowded to the door……………..On the motion of Mr James BERWICK, seconded by Mr Joseph ROOK, a unanimous vote of thanks was passed to Mr Farrell (sic). Votes of thanks were also passed to the chairman and to the children.