Saturday 22 Dec 1838   (p. 3, col. 7)




Yesterday morning, in Finkle Street, in this city, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. J. W. GILCHRIST, of a son.


At Frampton, Dorset, on the 11th instant, the Lady of Brinsley SHERIDAN, Esq., of a son, and heir.




At Torpenhow, on Saturday last, Mr. George IRVING, to Miss Sarah SANDWITH, both of Threapland.


At Wigton, on Tuesday last, Mr. John RAY, to Miss Susannah PEARSON.


At Penrith, lately, Mr. Thomas WESTMORLAND, to Miss Jane GIBSON.


At the Parish Church, Workington, Mr. John M'CALE, mariner, to Miss Jane MAXWELL.


At Distington, on Sunday last, by the Rev. H. LOWTHER, A.M., rector, Mr. Charles SMALLWOOD, husbandman, to Miss Elizabeth DOCKRAY.


At Whitehaven, on Monday last, by the Rev. J. JENKINS, Mr. John FISHER, mariner, to Miss Elizabeth BEEBY; on Tuesday week, by the Rev. E. WHITE, Mr. Peter DAVIDSON, mate of the Victoria, of that port, to Miss Martha JACKSON; and at the same place, on Wednesday week, Mr. Timothy CREIGHTON, mariner, to Miss Jane GLASBY.


At the Baptist Chapel, Brough, by the Reverend J. SNEITH, Mr. Philip ROBINSON, grocer, to Miss Grace PATTINSON, both of Brough.


At Bongate, Appleby, lately, Mr. John DUFTON, to Miss Mary ELLWOOD, youngest daughter of Michael ELLWOOD; at Appleby, Mr. John SHEPHERD, of Breeks Hall, to Miss WHARTON, of Burrells Moor.


At Hexham, on the 14th instant, Mr. John AYDON, of White Hall, to Miss CHARLTON, of New House, Hexhamshire.


On the 6th instant, at Thorley, Herts, by the Rev. John FRERE, domestic chaplain to the Bishop of London, the Rev. Christopher WORDSWORTH, D.D., Head Master of Harrow School, to Susannah Hartley FRERE, second daughter of George FRERE, Esq., of Twyford House.

Saturday 22 Dec 1838   (p. 3, col. 7)




On the 14th inst., in Fisher Street, Ann, the wife of James CONNELL, Esq., in the 39th year of her age, shortly after giving birth to a son, who still survives.


On Monday last, in Union Street, Botchergate, in this city, James, son of Mr. H. DYER, smith, aged 14 years; after a long and painful illness, borne with great fortitude and resignation.


In the House of Recovery, on Thursday last, Mr. James M'ILLROY, of Cummersdale, aged 34 years; same place, on Friday week, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John M'CLAIN, of English Damside, aged 45 years.


In Lowther Street, on Tuesday last, Mary, widow of the late Mr. Thomas SCOTT, currier,—much respected.


In the Willow Holme, lately, Ann ARMSTRONG, aged 68 years.


In Scotch Street, Mr. John SHIELDS, aged 36 years.


In Church Street, Elizabeth PARK, aged 76 years.


In Bridge Street, Richard TAYLOR, aged 77 years.


At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on the 17th inst., Thomas JOHNSTON, late of this city, aged 44 years.


On the 16th instant, Grace, the eldest daughter of Mr. Hugh GREENUP, of Maiden's Hill, Caldbeck, aged 23 years.


On Tuesday last, Mary, the second daughter of Mr. Wm. GREENUP, of Matthew Rudding, Caldbeck, aged 25 years.


At Penrith, Mr. John BROWN, aged 39 years; same place, on the 20th, Mr. Peter OGLETHORPE, carpenter, aged 33 years.


At Annan, lately, Mr. John ROBISON, Queen's Head Inn.


At Keswick, on Wednesday week, of small-pox, Mr. John FORSYTH, butcher, aged 47 years; same day and place, Sarah, eldest, daughter of Mr. John HODGSON, waller, in the 20th year of his age.


At Cockermouth, suddenly, on the 17th instant, aged 23 years, Jane, youngest daughter of the late William WOOD, Esq.; beloved and regretted by all who knew her.


At Cockermouth, on Tuesday week, William, son of Mr. TICKELL, millwright, aged 27 years; on Friday, Miss Martha NORMAN, aged 36 years; on Wednesday last, Joseph ATKINSON, woollen-weaver, aged 29 years.


At Harrington, on the 10th instant, Mr. Wm. WILLIAMSON, gardener, aged 78 years.


At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Margaret, wife of Mr. James STOUP, slater; on Friday, Mr. George CLARK, shipwright, aged 30 years; Mrs. Mary Thompson, aged 65 years; Joseph, son of Mr. Anthony HARRISON, aged 15 years. Isabella, wife of Mr. John BELL, advanced in years; and Mr. Edward MITH aged 39 years.


At Brough, Westmorland, lately, Mrs. PATTINSON, wife of Mr. John PATTINSON, dyer, advanced in years.


At Appleby, lately, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Isaac LONGRIGG, innkeeper, aged 25 years; same place, Mr. Thomas TAYLOR, grocer and draper, aged 49 years; on Saturday last, suddenly, Richard Shepherd STEPHENSON, Clerk of the Peace and Coroner for the County of Westmorland, aged 63 years; on Sunday last, Matthew BORROWDALE, aged 83 years; and Mrs. Margaret ATKINSON, advanced in years,—one of the Society of Friends, and sister to the late Mr. George THOMPSON, banker.