Saturday 03 Mar 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




On Saturday, the 24th instant, at Derwent Lodge, Keswick, the Hon. Mrs. J. R. CURZON, of a daughter.




At St. Mary's, on the 27th ult., Mr. Robert M'ADAM, to Miss Jane MARK.


On Saturday morning last, at the Presbyterian Chapel, in this city, in communion with the Church of Scotland, by the Rev. John PARK, Mr. James BROWN, Manchester, to Miss Ann JAMIESON, of this city.


At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. Joseph BARNES, to Miss Mary LING.


At Bowness, on the 27th ult., Captain ROME, of the brig Jane, of this port, to Miss Elizabeth IRVING, of Bowness.


At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Mr. Joseph GRAYSON, joiner, to Miss Mary IRVING.


At St. Bees, on the 24th instant, Mr. Ralph SELBY, joiner, Hensingham, to Miss Ann HELTONS, of Out Field, Sandwith.


At Egremont, since our last, by the Rev. W. H. LEECH, rector, Mr. Thomas ASHLY, carrier, to Miss Jane GRANT.


On Thursday, the 22nd instant, by special license, at Nuneham Park, Oxon, the seat of his grace the Archbishop of York, Captain Octavius VERNON HARCOURT, son of his Grace, to Mrs. DANBY, of Swinton Park, Yorkshire.

 Saturday 03 Mar 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




At Petteril Green, on Wednesday last, of apoplexy, most deservedly esteemed and regretted, Christopher PARKER, Esq., in the 63rd year of his age.


In English Street, since our last, Mr. Charles M'KENZIE, aged 40 years.


In Caldewgate workhouse, lately, Jane KILPATRICK, aged 55 years.


In East Tower Street, on the 23rd ult., George REAY, aged 26 years.


At Wigton, on Tuesday last, after a long and painful illness, Mr. Christopher CARRUTHERS, stone mason, late of King Street, Botchergate, aged 64 years.


In Union Street, on Wednesday last, Mr. Jonathan STOREY, aged 43 years.


At Eden Banks, on Sunday last, Deborah, the wife of Mr. Wm. LEACH, aged 76 years,—much and deservedly respected.


At Dalston, on Monday last, John, son of Mr. James K. BOLTON, aged 9 months.


At Longtown, on the 27th ult., William BEATIE, joiner and cabinet-maker, aged 82.


At Brampton, on Friday, the 23rd ult., Sarah, wife of Mr. Peter BURN, gardener, aged 49 years; on the 28th, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. COWPER, officer of excise, aged 22 years.


At Farlam Hall, on the 23rd ult., Mr. Thomas THOMPSON, in the 73rd year of his age. Few have gone down to the grave more deeply lamented or more generally respected than Mr. T. In him the poor, in the immediate neighbourhood where be resided, have lost a highly valued and respected friend; and the Wesleyan Society, of which he had been a member for nearly half a century, one of its brightest and most exemplary characters. His end was peace.


At Wigton, on the 22nd ult., Mr. Robert SIMPSON, aged 59 years; on the 24th, George, son of Mr. Joseph TOPPING, aged 19 years; same day, Jane, the widow of Mr. Thomas STUBBS, aged 64 years.


At Calvo, Abbey Holme, on Thursday week, Mrs. Margaret WILLIS, aged 70 years,—a person who through life bore an unexamplary character as a kind mother, a worthy neighbour, and an honest friend.


At Penrith, on the 23rd ultimo, Mr. Joseph GRISSENTHWAITE, stone mason; same day, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John STEPHENSON, joiner, aged 70 years; on the 24th, Robert SMITH, aged 18 years.


At Keswick, on Thursday week, Mr. George SUMMERVILLE, stone mason, a native of Durham, in the 34th year of his age.


In Lorton, on Tuesday week, Mr. Richard SCAMBLE, formerly of Great Braithwaite, near Keswick, aged 60 years.


At Cockermouth, on Wednesday week, Mr. J. CAPE, skinner, aged 69 years.


At Fell Side, in the township of Mosser, on the 24th instant, of a short but severe indisposition, Isaac MOUNSEY, aged 17 years.


On the Brow Top, Maryport, on the 19th instant, Mrs. WOOD, widow of Thomas WOOD, Esq., formerly ship builder, at that port, aged 81 years.


At Stainburn, lately, Mr. John BURROW, aged 50 years.


At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Mary HEWITT, aged 78; Mr. Henry LINTON, aged 28; and Mr. Thomas MATTHEWS, aged 80 years.


At Harrington, on the 18th instant, Mr. Joseph FEARON, labourer, aged 83 years; same place, Mr. Wm. EILBECK, printer and bookbinder, aged 23 years.


At Whitehaven, on Sunday evening last, after a long and severe illness, Mr. William WOOD, grocer, aged 37 years; Mrs. Jane DODD, wife of Mr. DODD, of the Red Lion, aged 51 years; Mr. Catherine LOONEY, aged 62 years; Mrs. Sarah THOMPSON, aged 74 years; Mary, wife of Mr. Wm. RICHARDSON, mariner, aged 48 years; Isabella, daughter of Mr. John SIMPSON, tailor, aged 13 years.


At Wilton, near Egremont, on Friday week, Mr. John MOSSOP, formerly of Low Godderthwaite, St. Bridgets, aged 87 years.


At Beckermont, on Monday, the 19th instant, very suddenly, alter a few days of slight indisposition, Mr. Cornelius CLARK, aged 66 years.


At the Priory, Appleby, on the 28th ult., John HAMMOND, Esq., late a Captain in the 25th Regiment of Foot, or the King's Own Borderers; an Alderman of the borough of Appleby; and a Magistrate of the county of Westmorland, aged 57 years.


At Appleby, on the 13th ult., Jane, the wife of Mr. John BRIGGS, printer and bookseller, aged 27 years.


At Marton Park, suddenly, Mary, the daughter of Mr. George PALLISTER, aged 24 years.


At Bolton, Westmorland, on the 23rd ult., Mary, the daughter of Thomas ELLWOOD, aged 19 pears [sic].


DEATH OF LORD CARTERET.—An express, announcing the death of the noble Lord, arrived in town on Thursday week.—His Lordship, after an illness of about a month, died at Dalkeith Palace, one of the Duke of Buccleuch's seats in Scotland, on Monday week. Lord John THYNNE succeeds to the title and estates.—Courier, Saturday.