Saturday 16 Sep 1837   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
In this city, Mr. Alexander WATTERS to Miss Isabella MITCHELL; Mr. Joseph SAUL, grocer, to Miss Jane DALTON.
At Gretna Green, on Wednesday last, Mr. Joseph PATTINSON, gardener and seedsman, to Mrs. Mary BROWN, both of Caldcoats, near this city.
At Bromfield Church, on Wednesday last, Mr. DUNN to Miss MESSENGER.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. William WALKER, joiner, to Miss Ann SHERWOOD; Mr. Joseph MOFFAT, mariner, to Miss Jane CRENNELL.
At the Parish Church, Workington, since our last, by the Rev. J. S. PRIESTMAN, Mr. John AIKEN, mercer and draper, Blackburn, to Miss Catherine BENN, daughter of the late Capt. BENN, of the former place; Mr. John BROWN, mariner, to Miss Ruth FRAZER.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Tuesday week, Mr. T. VICKERS, skinner, to Miss Elizabeth HARRISON, both of Keswick.
At Annan, on Wednesday week, Mr. John MOFFAT, to Miss Mary DANIEL.
At Crosscannonby, on Thursday week, Mr. William R. LEE, to Miss Jane PEARSON, both of Maryport.
At Ulverston Parish Church, on the 9th inst., Mr. William GARTH, brewer, to Miss Bella KIRKBY, both of that town.
At Broughton-in-Furness, on the 26th ult., Mr. J. BROCKBANK, of Hawes, to Miss M. MAWSON of Kepperlay, near Broughton.
At Shap, Westmorland, on Thursday last, Mr. John THOMPSON, tallow chandler, of Penrith, to Miss TEASELE [Agnes TEASDALE according to FreeBMD] of Shap.
At Haslingden, on the 5th instant, William WHITWORTH, Esq., of St. John's Place, Blackburn, Under Graduate of St. John's College, Cambridge, to Miss Ann HAWORTH, of Crawshaw Beeth, second daughter of the late Mr. Samuel HAWORTH, General of Excise, Dublin.
At Clutton, the Rev. Dr. BUNTING, late president of the Methodist Conference, to Mrs. MARTIN, relict of the Rev. R. MARTIN.

Saturday 16 Sep 1837   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
At Broomhill, on the 11th inst., Margt. WAUGH, aged 17.
In John's Street, on the 13th inst., Mary SNOWDEN, aged 62.
In John Street, Botchergate, on Friday last, James George, son of Mr. Thomas LATIMER, stone mason, aged nine years.
At the House of the Rev. Samuel HUDSON, Mary BOUSTEAD, aged 37, in whose service she had lived a dutiful, honest, and truthful servant for upwards of 17 years.
At Glinger Burn, Kirkandrews, on the 30th ult., John COULTHARD, aged 74.
At Caldwell-path, Kirkandrews, on the 30th inst. [sic], George GRAHAM, aged 66.
At Longtown, on the 7th inst., Elizabeth HUGGIN, aged 34.
At the Vicarage House, Little Salkeld, on the 10th inst., Louisa Marianne Francis, infant daughter of the Rev. H. S. ANDREW ST. JOHN, vicar of Addingham.
At Longwathby, near Penrith, on the 9th inst. Mary LANGLEY, aged 61 years.
At Penrith, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Jane BIRD, widow, Sandgate, aged 36 years.
At Matterdale, after a short illness, on the 5th inst., Richard, son of Mr. John Edmund SUTTON, aged 15 years.
At Penrith, on the 14 inst. Mr. John RICHARDSON, Cabinet maker, aged 40 years.
At Maiden Hill, near Penrith, on the 7th inst., John HETHERINGTON, yeoman, aged 85.
At Vicarage Orton, on the 7th inst., Mr. Thomas MILNER, Treasurer of the County of Westmorland, aged 32 years.
At Appleby, on the 6th inst., Mr. John WILLIAMSON, aged 46 years, upwards of twenty years a faithful servant at Appleby Castle.
At Burells Moyr, near Appleby, on the 12th inst., Mary, wife of Mr. James WHARTON, aged 77 years.
At Kendal, since our last, Mr. John ATHERTON, aged 46 years; Mr. Henry RISHTON, plumber and glazier, aged 43; Isabella, wife of Mr. Wm. HALL, aged 66.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Robert PLUNKETT, aged 52 years; Isabella, daughter of Mr. John CORKHILL, mariner, aged 21 months.
At Harris, near Whitehaven since our last, Mr. John COCKBAIN, aged 58.
At Harrington, on Tuesday last, after a long illness, Mrs. Sarah STORY, aged 53.
At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Elizabeth TODD, widow, aged 78; Mrs. Mary JENKINSON, aged 79.
At Dearham, on the 22nd ult., Hannah, wife of Mr. Joseph SHERWEN, aged 38.
At Maryport, Sarah Ann, daughter of Mr. Mark SIBSON, hatter, aged 18 months.
At Ireby, on Tuesday last, Mr. Jonathan COWX, aged 80 years. The deceased was greatly beloved by his family and friends, and died universally respected.
At Gleaston, on the 7th instant, in the parish of Aldingham, Ann, relict of the late Mr. William EDMONDSON, yeoman, aged 82 years.
At Liverpool, lately, Mr. James WELLS, formerly of Fell-side, near Bootle, aged 86.
At Liverpool, on Sunday morning last, Mr. Ostle REEVES, late of Raughton Head, in this county.
At Ulverston, since our last, Thomas, son of Mr. Thomas POSTLETHWAITE, yeoman, of Scathwaite, aged 15 years; Philip, son of James GARDNER, weaver, aged 12 years; Mrs. M. M'GEE, widow, aged 72.
At Huntingdon, in his 43rd year, Mr. Weston HATFIELD, upwards of twenty years editor of the Cambridge Independent Press.
On the 9th of July, on his passage home from Jamaica, in his 32nd year, Captain REED, of the Kelsick Wood, much esteemed.
At his residence, near the Prebends' Bridge, Durham, on the 5th inst., in the 99th year of his age, Count Joseph BORNWLASKI, the celebrated Polish dwarf, a native of the province of Pokucia, in Polish Russia. The extraordinary small stature, great age, and lively genius of this amiable person, entitled him to be ranked as one of the most singular productions of nature; while his long residence in the city of Durham and cheerful demeanour, greatly endeared him to a numerous circle of friends and acqaintances, by whom his death will be long and sincerely regretted. He was in early life patronised by the Countess HUMIECK, a Polish lady, and after having visited with her (in consequence of the distracted state of his native country, in the time of Stanislaus, the last king of Poland) various countries in Europe, he remained some years in Paris, which place he quitted prior to the French Revolution, and came over to this country in 1782, where he has ever since remained, and finally, through the kindness of several friends, he was enabled to spend the latter end of his long and eventful life in ease and tranquillity. The Count's person, though of diminutive formation, was of the completest symmetry, his height being short of thirty-six inches. His remains will be placed near those of Mr. Stephen KEMBLE, in the nine alters, in Durham Cathedral.
At Norberry [sic – should be Norbury] House, Surrey, Richard SANDERSON, Esq., a native of Wigton, in this county, much respected.
At Clapton, near London, on the 10th inst., Mr. William BROWN, of Penrith, aged 30.