Saturday 17 Jun 1837   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
At Broadfield House, on the 15th inst., the lady of Mr. G. PARKER, Esq., of a daughter.
At St. Cuthbert’s Church, on the 11th inst., Mr. John RIBCHESTER, of Blackhall, to Miss Elizabeth GRAHAM, of Dalston; on the 12th, Mr. John DAVIDSON, to Miss Jane ARMSTRONG.
At Wigton, on Sunday last, Mr. George HOWNAM, to Miss Eleanar AIKIN.
At Gretna, on Tuesday last, Mr. Parker FORSTER, of Kingstown, to Miss Jane SCOTT, of the same place.
At Penrith, on the 10th inst., Mr. Wilfred GRISDALE, to Miss Hannah ROBINSON.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Captain James GUNSON, of Waterloo Terrace, to Miss BELL, sister of James BELL, Esq., of Lowther-street.
At Egremont, on Sunday last, Mr. James DAWSON, of Ulpha, shoemaker, to Miss Elizabeth HARTLEY, daughter of Mr. H. HARTLEY, spade-shaft manufacturer, Haggetend, Egremont.
At St. Bridget’s Church, on Saturday, the 10th inst., Beckermet, James QUIRK, Esq., of the Isle of Man, to Jane Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Joseph Tiffin SENHOUSE, Esq., of Calder Abbey.
At Distington, on the 3rd inst., Mr. William COLVING, to Miss A. TOLSON.
At St. John’s Chapel, Workington, on Sunday last, Mr. William SMITH, to Miss Sarah RAY, both of that parish.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Saturday last, Mr. James LITTLE, miner, to Miss Isabella COULSON.
At Torpenhow, on the 6th inst., Mr. Joseph RAILTON, blacksmith, of Bromfield, to Miss Mary SUMPTON, of Torpenhow Low Mill.
At St. James’s Church, Liverpool, on Sunday, the 4th inst., Mr. John ATKINSON, of Ulverston, to Jane, the youngest and only surviving daughter of the late Mr. Joseph WALES, tide-surveyor of his Majesty’s Customs at the port of Whitehaven, and formerly of Carlisle.
At Newcastle, since our last, Mr. William MADDISON, Groat Market, to Miss Mary RAMSAY, of Low Friar-street; John WALKER, Esq., of Benwell House, to Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher FENWICK, Esq., of Ouseburn House; Mr. John BELL, anchor-smith, to Mrs. Ann SCOTT.
At Sheffield, on the 6th inst., Mr. Charles JAMES, of Newcastle, to Mary, daughter of John BROADHEAD, Esq., of Tinsley, near Sheffield.
At Corbridge, on the 8th inst., Mr. James ARMSTRONG, miller, of Corbridge Mill, to Miss HUTCHINSON, dress maker, of Newcastle.
At Haltwhistle, Mr. William REID, of Bradley, to Miss LIDDELL, of Brockalee.

Saturday 17 Jun 1837   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
At her House in Castle-street, on the 15th inst., Mrs. HEYSHAM, sole surviving sister of the late John HEYSHAM, Esq., M.D., of this city.
At Spittal, near this city, on Monday last, Mr. Benjamin SIMPSON, builder, aged 33 years. Few men have died more generally beloved or universally respected within the sphere in which he moved than the deceased. Kind in disposition, upright in all his dealings, manly and straight-forward in his principles, he has sunk to the grave, after long suffering, amidst the unavailing sorrow of friends, and the affliction of relatives who mourn a loss which can never be repaired.
At Twickenham, on the 12th inst., beloved, respected, and lamented, in her 74th year, the honourable Maria ESPINASSE, second daughter of Philip HOWARD, Esq., of Corby Castle; first married to the hon. George PETRE, second son of Robert Edward Lord PETRE, by whom she had one daughter and four sons, two of them now living. She married secondly Henry ESPINASSE, Esq., a colonel in the army, to whom she has left two daughters.
At Upperby, on the 8th inst., Mr. Peter CHAMBERS, aged 32.
At High Moorhouse, in the parish of Wigton, Mrs. DAVIDSON, aged 25 years.
At Blackwell, on the 14th instant, Isabella, wife of Mr. James PORTER, aged 38.
At Penrith, since our last, Mr. Joseph DOCKRAY, aged 36; Elizabeth, relict of Mr. George TYSON, late of the George Inn, aged 60; Mr. Wm. FAWCETT, clogger, Sandgate, aged 75 years; John CAR, hawker and pedler, Townhead, aged 30.
At Whitehaven, since our last, in the 76th year of his age, Mr. John ELLWOOD, principal of the late firm of ELLWOOD and POSTLETHWAITE, of that town—Mr. E. was a native of Sandriggs, near Dufton, in Westmoreland, but had resided in Whitehaven nearly half a century, and recently gave several handsome sums to be distributed annually and for ever to the poor of Dufton and Knock, and other places in his native county; Mrs. RITSON, a maiden lady, very highly and deservedly esteemed, aged 78 years; Mr. Henry ROTHERY, saddler, aged 41 years; in the workhouse, William MARTIN, aged 67.
At Egremont, on Sunday last, Miss Jane COOKE, aged 75.
On the 9th instant, at the house of her uncle, (Mr. CHARLTON, of Workington,) Isabella, daughter of Mr. Andrew MONRO, surgeon, aged 20 years, a native of Sunderland, much respected.
At Workington, on Sunday morning last, awfully sudden, Mr. John DIXON, shoemaker, Powe-street, aged 56 years.
At Farmery, on Wednesday last, in the parish of St. Bridgets, after a long illness, borne with great patience, Mr. Clement SHERWEN, son of Mr. Peter SHERWEN, aged 22 years.
At Seascale, on Sunday morning last, in the parish of Gosforth, Mr. John WALKER, yeoman, aged 85.
At Maryport, on the 8th, Mr. John ROBINSON, mariner, aged 67 years; on the 9th, Mr. Robert PARKINSON, aged 85; on the 10th, Isabella, daughter of Mr. Henry ASHCROFT, innkeeper, aged 11 years.
At Ewanrigg, near Maryport, on Monday, the 5th instant, Mr. JOHNSTONE, in the 83rd year of his age, many years coal-agent for the late Mr. CURWEN, of Workington Hall.
At Cockermouth, since our last, Mrs. EDMONDSON, aged 56; Mrs Ann DAINWOOD, aged 38; Mr. Thomas BROWN, tailor, aged 22 years, a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Traveller's Rest Lodge, Leyland District. The members of the Derwent and Stranger's Friend Lodges, Cockermouth, walked in procession from Papcastle to Bridekirk, where his remains were interred on Friday evening.
At Embleton, on Friday last, Mr. John BANK, of Stanley Hall, in the 74th year of his age, much respected.
At Brow Foot, near Keswick, on Wednesday last, after a very long and painful illness, Margaret, wife of Mr. Richard WILLIAMSON, fancy weaver, aged 38 years.
At the Workhouse, Keswick, on Friday last, Mrs. Jane HIRD, widow, aged 93.
At Keswick, on Sunday night last, Mr. James HENDERSON, formerly a soldier, advanced in years.
At Newcastle, since our last, Jane, wife of Robert WALLACE, town surveyor, after a painful illness, aged 43; Mr. Joseph ELLIOTT, of Mosley-street, aged 80—Mr. ELLIOTT was a warm, simple-hearted Wesleyan Methodist, in which society he had been a class leader for the last thirty years; Mary, eldest daughter of R. T. ATKINSON, Esq.,; Mr. Thomsa HALL, brewer, aged 52; Mrs. TIMM, wife of Mr. Geo. TIMM, auctioneer.
At Benton House, on Saturday night, the 11th inst., Wm. CLARKE, Esq., aged 73 years.
On the 24th ult., at Primrose cottage, High Wycombe, aged 64 years, Mr. John GUY. His remains were interred in a brick grave in Hughendon church-yard, on Tuesday last. On a marble tablet on his coffin is the following inscription:—"Here, without nail or shroud, doth lie, Uncovered by a pall—John GUY." Mr GUY was possessed of considerable property, and was a worthy and honest, though rather an eccentric man. His grave and coffin were both made about a year ago, under his own directions; the inscription on the tablet and gravestone are of his own composition, and were engraved more than a month since, about which time he gave orders for everything necessary for his funeral, and purchased gloves, hatbands, &c.; as he wished not to be taken to the grave in a hearse a change of carriers was requisite, and he had therefore desired that one set might be sent on to a public house about half way on the road, where they were to have beer, &c., and to wait the arrival of his corpse, when those who had brought him from Wycombe, were to receive a similar refreshment. He had also wrapped up in separate papers the sum of 5s for each carrier. An immense number of people were assembled to view the procession as it passed through Wycombe, and also to witness the burial at Hughendon.