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Saturday 21 Jan 1837   (p. 3, col. 6-7)
At St. Mary's Church, on the 17th inst., Mr. John LEES, to Miss Jane Irving GRAHAM; same day, Mr. John THOMLINSON, to Miss Jane DAVIDSON, both of Wreay.
At Penrith, on the 18th inst., Mr. John WOOF, to Mrs. Hannah ATKINSON.
At Aspatria, on the 12th inst., Mr. Thomas BRIGGS, son of Mr. John BRIGGS, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph SIBSON, all of Hayton.
At Gosforth, on Monday last, Mr. James ATKINSON, butler at Bolton Hall, to Eleanor, third daughter of Mr. John PARKER, of Scar Brow, both of Gosforth.
At Bassenthwaite, on Saturday last, Mr. William TODDHUNTER, of Caldbeck, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. John PEART, of Kell Hill, in Bassenthwaite.
At Ulverstone, on the 14th inst., Mr. James STONES, mate of the brig William, of Ullswater, to Miss Alice JOHNSON, of the same town.
At St. Lawrence, Appleby, on the 15th inst., Mr. John SOWERBY, jun., of Hoff Lund, to Miss Margt. NEWTON.
At Easton, the seat of Sir M. CHOLMELEY, Bart., T. G. CORBETT, Esq., of Elsham-hall, M. P. for the northern division of Lincolnshire, to Lady Mary Noel BEAUCLERK, sister to his Grace the Duke of St Albans.

Saturday 21 Jan 1837   (p. 3, col. 6-7)
Here, in Abbey Street, on Sunday last, after a long illness, Robert HARRINGTON, Esq., M.D., aged 86 years. Dr. HARRINGTON was a freeman of Carlisle, and used formerly to take an active part in our contested elections—always voting and acting on the liberal side.
In Botchergate, in this city, Mr. George BARKER, bakehouse keeper, aged 77. Mr. B. was one of the few honest and independent freemen of Carlisle, and invariably supported the liberal party.
In Castle-street, in this city, on Wednesday last, Elizabeth, the youngest daughter of the late Mr. W. S. GALE, aged eighteen months.
In Abbey-street, in this city, on Thursday last, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. William FOX, plumber and brazier, aged 2½ years.
In Scotch-street, in this city, on Thursday last, John, the son of Mr. John FISH, innkeeper, aged 3 years.
In Annetwell-street, in this city, on Thursday last, Margaret Eleanor SPEDDING, daughter of Mr. David SPEDDING, butcher, aged seven months.
In Peascod's Lane, in this city, on Thursday last, after a long illness, Mr. Matthew GARDNER, warper, aged 62.
Since our last, at Crozier Lodge, Mr. Robert M'ADAM, aged 87; in Annetwell-street, Mr. Wm. LIDDLE, aged 83; in Scotch-street, Mrs. Margaret PATTINSON, aged 80; in East Tower-street, Mr. James KENNEDY, aged 36; in Peascod's Lane, Mrs. Mary ROBINSON, aged 37.
At Manchester, on the 10th inst., Mrs. Martha WILSON, late of Carlisle, aged 24 years—much respected.
At Stanwix, near this city, on the 13th inst., Mrs. Sarah DODGSON, aged 88.
At Rockliffe Hall, on Wednesday last, Alice Paulina, infant daughter of M. G. PARKER, Esq.
At Broom-hill, on Sunday last, Mr. Thomas GRAHAM, schoolmaster of Talkin, aged 22 years—most sincerely and deservedly lamented; none but those who knew him could form a just estimate of his worth.
At Belah House, Gosling, on the 10th inst., Mr. Joseph STEPHENSON, aged 71 years.
At Burgh-by-Sands, on Monday last, John SEWELL, son of Dr. SEWELL, surgeon, aged 12 months.
At Crosby-on-Eden, on Thursday last, Barbara WELLS, wife ot the Rev. J. HUDSON, chaplain to the Forces, Quebec, and daughter of the late Thos. LOWRY, D.D.
At Brampton, on Sunday, the 15th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth MOFFAT, aged 77.
At Wigton, on Monday last, Thos. DONALDSON, Esq., late of London, wine merchant, aged 49 years; same day, suddenly, Sarah, wife of Mr. David GRAHAM, blacksmith, aged 66; on Tuesday last, Miss Jane TIFFIN, aged 23.
At Penrith, on the 13th inst., Mr. Thomas GARNETT, postmaster, aged 68; in Townhead, on the 16th, suddenly, Mr. John COTTRIL, aged 40.
At Brigham, on the 12th inst., Mr. Joseph SATTERTHWAITE—much and deservedly respected.
At Brackenthwaite, Whitehaven, on Saturday last, Mr. Samuel M'ALLISTER, aged 56.
At Beck Green, Egremont, on Monday last, Mr. William LEECH, formerly of St. Bee's, aged 56 years.
At Watermillock, on the 4th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth GRISDALE, widow, in the 92nd year of her age, sister to Mr. GRISDALE, of Lonsdale Place, near Whitehaven.
At Workington, since our last, Thomas William, the son of Mr. James KIRCONNEL, bookseller, aged 13 months; Jane, daughter of Mr. George BARKER, aged 5 years; Joseph, son of Mr. Thomas TROUGHEAR, aged 22 months; Mr. Thomas BROWN, Blacksmith, aged 24; Benjamin, son of Mr. James HARDY, aged 3 years; Joseph, son of the late Capt. Robert LEWES, aged 6 years; Mrs. Eleanor NESBY, aged 60 years; and Mrs. Mary SLOAN, widow, aged 46 years.
At Maryport, on the 12th, Jane, wife of C. SMITH, aged 52.
At Holm Rook, last week, Mrs. BIRKETT, wife of Mr. Reuben BIRKETT, advanced in years.
At Bowerdale, in Netherwasdale, last week, Mr. Aaron WASDALE, aged 57 years.
At Santon Bridge, Mrs. ROBINSON, wife of Mr. John ROBINSON, stone-mason, of that place, advanced in years.
At Rawfold, near Broughton in Furness, on Monday last, after a lingering sickness, Mr. Thomas SIMPSON, aged 74 years; greatly respected.
At Keswick, on Tuesday, Mr. John BANKS, butcher, aged 28.
At Blenkarn, near Appleby, since our last, Mr. John CANON, aged 90 years.
At Milburn, near Appleby, Mr. Thos. ROBINSON, aged 95.
At Ulverston, on the 6th, Richard, infant son of Mr. Jos. ROYSTON, of the Gas works; same day, at Lowick, Mr. Wm. GRAVESON, aged 76 years; and at Ulverston, on the 7th, Agnes, daughter of Mrs. Agnes WHITE, aged 6 months.
At the Gardens, Ulverston, on Saturday the 14th inst., Catherine, relict of the late John ELLERTON, Esq., who resided many years in Dublin, aged 76 years. Her worth will long be cherished in the remembrance of her friends, and those who had the happiness of her acquaintance.