Town Hall, Keswick, 5th Sept. 1844

Begs to return his best thanks to all who have been so kind as to honour him with their patronage, and to inform the public that he intends early to Publish a limited number of models of the lake district, in Papier Mache, on a scale of one inch to a mile, and coloured, either to nature or geologically, as parties may wish.  The size will be 4 feet 4 inches by 3 feet 61/2 inches, and will exhibit fourteen hundred square miles, being two hundred more than is delineated on his original, which is annually exhibited in the Town Hall, Keswick.  Any Lady or Gentleman who may wish to purchase will exceedingly oblige J.F. by an early application, and he will be happy to furnish them with prospectuses containing all particulars.