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Farms to be Let

To be Let, for a term of years, and entered upon at Candlemas next,

HUNLEY FARM, in the Parish of Scaleby, in the County of Cumberland,
contained 165 acres of arable and meadow land, within a ring fence,
conveniently subdivided, a comfortable dwelling house, and convenient farm
buildings. - Hunley is six miles from Carlisle, intersected by the Turnpike
Road, four miles from Longtown, and six from Brampton.

Also, to be let, "THE SQUARE", in the Parish of Kirklinton, in the County of
Cumberland, containing 93 acres of arable and meadow land, conveniently
subdivided, with a comfortable dwelling, and convenient farm buildings. -

Plans and conditions of letting may be seen, and further particulars known,
at Mr. STUDHOLME'S office, Carlisle, to whom proposals in writing may be
addressed, until Saturday the 21st instant.

September 4th, 1844