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At Brayton Hall, on Thursday last, Lady LAWSON, of a Son.
At Derwent-water Bay, on the morning of Thursday week, the lady of Chevalier Alexander HOY, of a daughter and heiress.
At St. Cuthbert’s Church, in this city, on the 23rd inst., Mr. Samuel ELLISTON, to Miss Isabella MULOY; on the 25th, Mr. Allen MARTIN, to Miss Mary ELTRINGHAM; Mr. John LITTLE, to Miss Jane LIDDLE.
At St. Mary’s, in this city, on Wednesday the 25th inst., Mr. Joseph BLACK, to Sarah HODGSON; Mr. James O’HARE, to Mary Ann BUDGE; on the 26th, Mr. Isaac JAMES, ironmonger, to Miss Isabella OLIVER, both of this city.
At Wigton, on Wednesday last, Mr. Wm. HILL, to Miss Mary HUNTINGTON.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Saturday last, Mr. Robert THWAITE, pencil-maker, to Miss Eleanor ADDISON; on Thursday last, Mr. John HUTCHINSON, blacksmith, to Miss BENN.
At Ulverston, on the 16th inst., Mr. Geo. DIXON, husbandman, to Miss Ann TOWERS, both of the former place; Mr. George DIXON, to Miss Mary WOODEND, both of Tilberthwaite, in Coniston.
At Gosforth, last week, Mr. John RAMSAY, to Miss Ann STEWART, of Bleng Cottage, in that parish.
At Lamplugh, on Saturday last, Mr. Isaac MOSSOP, to Miss Jane PEARSON.
At Workington, on Thursday week, Mr. James BELL, hat-manufacturer, of Cockermouth, to Mary, third daughter of Mr. Wm. FELL, Esq., of Workington.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. David M’CLARY, potter, to Miss Hannah DIXON.
At Hensingham, on Monday last, Mr. Richard TROUGHTON, grocer and tea dealer, Whitehaven, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Clement MOSSOP, of New Monkwray, in the township of Hensingham.
At Annan, on the 21st inst. Mr. Geo. BURTON, stocking manufacturer, to Miss Barbara BELL, both of Annan.

In this city, on the 21st inst., in the 78th year of his age, Mr. COWEN, senior, of the firm of Jacob COWEN and Sons.
In the Crescent, on Wednesday the 25th instant, Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. W. GATE, aged 10 years.
DEATH OF MR. JAMES BROUGHAM.—This gentleman died on Sunday afternoon last, the 22nd instant, about 4 o'clock, in the 54th year of his age. He had been ill for about the last six weeks, but at first no immediate danger was expected. Mr. BROUGHAM was the second brother of the Lord Chancellor; and like his more distinguished brother was bred to the Bar, though he made little figure, and of late years did not follow his profession. He was well known in this and the sister County of Westmorland, from the active part he took in election affairs. During the contests which his brother waged in Westmorland, Mr. J. BROUGHAM was conspicuous for the activity he displayed as a partisan, and for the zeal he showed in opposing the LOWTHERs. He was elected the first representative of the new Burgh of Kendal, in December last; his chief recommendation to the electors being his relationship to the Chancellor, who was so long a great favourite in Westmorland. He had previously been in Parlialiament [sic] for Tregony, and afterwards (in consequence of a boroughmongering compact discreditable to all the parties concerned) for Downton. In Parliament Mr. BROUGHAM was but little heard of: having rarely, if ever spoken there. He voted with the Whigs; but was not very constant in his attendance in the House. In private life, we believe, he was amiable, gentle, and generous, and has left behind him a number of sincerely attached friends, who will long grieve for his loss. As a public man, any importance that attached to him was alone to be attributed to his near connection with the Lord Chancellor, by whom, it was generally understood, he was much beloved. His remains will be interred this morning at Skelton Church.
In Botchergate, on the 25th inst., Mr. Daniel JACKSON, bookseller, aged 58 years.
In the Willow Holme, on the 20th inst., Mr. Henry HOLSTEAD, aged 56 years. A well-known political and poetical character; and a man of considerable talents and influence amongst his fellow workmen.
In John Street, on the 23rd inst., Mr. Andrew BURGESS, aged 49 years.
At Fergushill, Cottage, Kirklinton, on the 26th inst., Catherine, daughter of the late Mr. Robert BETT, of Leith, aged 24,—much and justly regretted.
At the house of Mr. John FAULKES, Brampton, on the 15th inst., Jane, relict of the late Mr. George BARNFATHER, Lownook, Denton, aged 88 years.
At Wigton, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Sarah ARMSTRONG, aged 73; on Monday, Mrs. Rachel BELL, aged 37.
At Aikton, on Thursday the 19th instant, Mrs. Margaret HUNTER, aged 85; much respected.
At Penrith, on the 22d instant, Ann, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH Dockray, aged 17; on the 24th Henry, son of Mrs. Ann BOWMAN, Sandgate, aged 15 years.
At Pooley Mill, after a long and painful illness which she bore with great patience, Dinah, the wife of Mr. S. ATKINSON, aged 47; much and universally respected by a large circle of friends.
At Milburn, near Appleby, on the 26th inst., Mr. John WESTMORELAND, silk mercer, of London, in the prime of life; very much respected.
At Cockermouth, on Saturday the 21st. inst., Mr John JOHNSTON, husbandman, Setmurthy, to Miss Ann WILSON, of the former place; on the 22nd, Mr. HENRY, Stainton House, carpenter, to Miss Elizabeth ROBINSON.
At Aspatria, on Saturday last, Mrs. PATTINSON, aged 41 years.
On Tuesday last, very suddenly, at Maryport, Mr. Joseph DICKINSON, for many years agent for this Journal, aged 77 years. Mr. D. was a reformer in less fortunate times, when the name was a reproach, and was much respected for his consistent and honest conduct throughout the whole of his long life. He was a member of the Society of Friends.
At Sea, on the 11th inst, on his passage to Richibucto, Mr. Joseph SELKIRK, Captain of the Cherub, of Maryport, aged 38.
At Torquay, Devonshire, on the 13th inst., where she had gone for the benefit of her health, of a rapid decline, in the 26th year of her age, Jane wife of the Rev. Wm. IRVING, B. A., of Jesus College, Oxford, curate to the very Rev. the Dean of Bristol. The deceased was the last surviving daughter of Joseph SEYMOUR, Esq., of Maryport.
At Keswick, on Monday week, Mr. John HARRIS, aged 81 years.
At Harrington, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Mary IRVING, aged 75 years.
At Orgill, near Egremont, on Thursday last, suddenly, Hannah, the wife of Mr. CRAYSON, of that place, in her 68th year.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Miss Margaret M'DOLE, aged 23; Mr. John MOORE, aged 26; in the Poor house, John RULE, mariner, aged 85.
At Rose Hill, near Whitehaven, on the 19th inst., Mary, the wife of Milham HARTLEY, Esq., after a painful and lingering illness, which she bore with fortitude and pious resignation.
At Rampside, near Ulverston, on the 20th inst., Mr. Thos. ASHBURNER, aged 83. The deceased was for a long time Captain of a West Indiaman, out of the port of Lancaster.
At Annan, on the 22d inst., Mr. James ROXBURGH, innkeeper, and bacon curer, aged 48; on the same day, William, eldest son of Mr. BRYSON, baker, aged 20.