At the Friends' Meeting House, in this city, on Thursday last, John MORGAN, draper, to Elizabeth WATSON.
At St. Mary's, in this city, on the 25th inst., Mr. John GRAHAM, to Miss Ann ARMSTRONG; 26th, Mr. George BATY, to Miss Ann MATTINSON.
At Gretna, on Thursday last, Mr. PEARSON, tailor, to Miss Jane IVISON, straw-bonnet maker, both of this city.
At Wigton, on Tuesday last, Mr. William WILSON, to Mrs. Mary MILLAN.
At Penrith, on the 26th inst., Mr. Benjamin LAXTON, to Miss Mary TOMLINSON, dress-maker.
At Cockermouth, on Sunday last, Mr. Archibald COOPER, weaver, to Miss Martha BLAIR.
At Workington, on Saturday last, Mr. Henry HAYTON, tallow-chandler, to Miss Grace GRINSDALE; Mr. John COOPER, sailmaker, to Miss Hannah RIDGE.
At Garliestown, on the 14th inst., Mr. Thomas FLINN, mariner, to Jane, daughter of Mr. MORRISON, innkeeper, of Maryport.
At Whitehaven, on the 22d instant, Mr. Henry IRWIN, joiner, to Miss Mary LANCASTER.
Lately, at St. Bees, Mr. Samuel DAIELY, to Miss Jane LORTON, both of Ginns.
At Watermillock, on Thursday last, by the Rev. J. LOWRY, of Brougham, John TOPPIN, Esq., of Skelton, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late John CASTLEHOW, Esq., of Askham, in the county of Westmorland.
At Appleby, on Monday week, Mr. Thomas SHEPHERD, of Grayrigg, to Miss Mary STEADMAN, of the former place.
At Killowen, Ireland, W. HUNTER, Esq., of Londonderry, to Margaret, daughter of the late Archbishop of Dublin.
At the Parish church, Leeds, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. John URQUHART, Mr. PEARSON, surgeon, of Stayley Bridge, near Manchester, to Maria, only daughter of J. HUTTON, Esq., of the same place.
MARRIAGE IN HIGH LIFE.-On Tuesday last, the marriage of the Earl of Uxbridge, eldest son of the Marquis of Anglesea, with the Hon. Miss Harriett BAGOT, daughter of Sir Charles and Lady BAGOT, was solemnized at St. Peter's Church, Eaton-square.


Here, in Fairbairn's Buildings, on the 27th instant, Mr. Robert JOHNSTON, aged 22 years.
Here, in John Street, on the 27th inst., Miss Jane KENYAN, aged 16; Mr. John MELVAL, Abbey Street, aged 21.
Here, in Botchergate, on the 25th inst., Martha, wife of Mr. Thos. HARKER, warper, aged 59; much respected.
At Longtown, on Thursday last, Mrs. BOUSTEAD, of the Globe Inn, advanced in years. She died in an awfully sudden manner, having dropped down and instantly expired, though in her usual health up to the moment of her death.
At Wigton, on Wednesday week, Mrs. Mary HUNTER, aged 77; 26th, Mr. Henry HEWITSON, in the prime of life; 27th, Mr. Thos. TAIDLE, aged 59; 28th, Mr. John MOORE, aged 73.
At Penrith, on the 23d inst., Mrs. Sarah EWBANK, widow, aged 83; Sarah, wife of Mr. George DIXON, Swan Inn, aged 37; 25th, Mr. John PINDER, comb-maker, aged 70.
At Cockermouth, on Sunday last, Mr. Daniel DUNGLINSON, shoe-maker, aged 25 years.
At Maryport, on the 20th inst., Miss HARRISON, only daughter of the late Joseph HARRISON, Esq., of London, aged 28 years.
At Brownrigg, in the parish of Arlecdon, on the 14th inst., Mr. James BELL, in his 54th year-a man highly and deservedly esteemed by a numerous circle of acquaintance.
At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Sarah PARK, widow, 77; 25th, Mary, wife of Mr. John GILL, sen., carrier, aged 75 years.
At Whitehaven, on Monday week, Mr. BRETT, many years surgeon of the Royal Cumberland Militia, in his 52d year; Mr. Henry GALE, sailmaker, aged 34; Tuesday week, Mr. Francis FISHER, aged 82, formerly master of the Ellwood of Whitehaven; Mrs. Margt. COUPLAND, at an advanced age.
At Watchhill, Annan, on the 16th instant David RICHARDSON, aged 19 years. His death was occasioned by an injury received, about twelve days previous, at Thwaite, near Ruthwell, when part of an old wall which he was taking down, fell upon him.
On Friday last, of cholera, in the King's Bench prison, Edmund CLAVERING, Esq., of Calvelly Park, in Northumberland, formerly belonging to the firm of WRIGHT and Co., bankers, Henrietta Street, Covent-garden.
At his residence, Ravensdale Park, in the county of Louth, on the 23d inst., Sir Hary GOODRICKE, Bart., aged 36.
DEATH OF THE COUNTESS OF ABERDEEN.- On the 26th inst., the Countess of Aberdeen expired at the residence of her husband, Argyle House, after a severe and painfully protracted illness of five months. From the commencement of the illness of her ladyship no hopes were entertained of her recovery. By the Earl of Aberdeen, who was her ladyship's second husband, she has left five children-four sons and a daughter.
On the 14th of June last, in the Poor-house, in Maury county, Tennessee, Abraham BOGARD, being 118 years and 4 days old. He never drank spirts [sic], nor was sick, nor took medicine of any kind. He was once bled out of curiosity. He retained the faculties of hearing, seeing, and memory until the vital spark took its final departure. He was born in the state of Delaware.