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SIX CHILDREN AT ONE BIRTH.— On the 30th Dec., 1831, the wife of Dernian PLOSON, in the village of Dropin, in Bessarabia, was delivered of six daughters, all living, and only a little smaller than the usual size of children at birth, with the exception of the last, which was much the least. The mother was not quite 20 years of age, and of a strong constitution. The whole six lived long enough to be baptised, but died on the evening of the day of their birth. The mother subsequently suffered indisposition, but got quite well. — Gazette Medicale.
At Wigton, on Thursday last, by the Rev. Mr. IRVING, Mr. Thomas WEIR, of this city, to Mary, youngest daughter of Mr Wm. FORRESTER, of Wigton.
At Gretna, on Saturday last, Mr. James HENRY, shoemaker, to Miss Mary ATKINSON, both of Botchergate, in this city.
At Gretna, on Saturday last, — BRAITHWAITE, Esq. of Kendal, to Miss Jane WATSON, of Snow Hill, in this county.
At Westward, on Thursday week, Mr. Isaac CROSTHWAITE, of Howrigg, to Miss Mary SANDERSON, of Churchstead.
At Annan, on Thursday week, Mr. Joseph THOMPSON, to Miss Maria SANDERSON, both of Churchstead.
At Crosthwaite church, Keswick, on Thursday week, Mr. Wm. JACKSON, joiner and cabinet maker, to Ann, daughter of Mr. Thomas LANCASTER, tailor, both of Keswick.
At Whitehaven, on the 13th inst., Mr. John HUDDLESTON, to Miss Eleanor BURROW; 15th, Mr. John DOCKHERTY, to Miss Jane CUNNINGHAM; 19th, Mr. Henry MILES, husband-man, to Miss Eleanor LANCASTER.
At Hexham, on the 8th inst. James WHITEHEAD, Esq. of Santiago de Chile, South America, to Miss STOBART, daughter of John STOBART, Esq. of the former place.
At Kendal, on Thursday week, Mr. Isaac GRUNDY, carpet manufacturer, Preston, to Hannah HOLDEN, of the former place, eldest daughter of the late Captain Lawrence Parker HOLDEN, of Liverpool.
At Kendal, on Thursday week, Mr. Joseph RICHARDSON, wine merchant, to Miss HARRISON, daughter of Mr. James HARRISON, skinner, all of Penrith.
The marriage between Vicount Garlies, (late M. P. for Cockermouth,) eldest son of the Earl of Galloway, and Lady Blanche SOMERSET, seventh daughter of the Duke of Bedford [sic – should be Duke of Beaufort], was solemnized on Friday week, at St. George's, Hanover Square.
Tuesday last, by special license, at Ham House, by the Rev. H. P. HAMILTON, M. A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, the Most Noble Charles, Marquis of Ailesbury, K.T., &c. &c., to the beautiful Miss Maria TOLLEMACHE, youngest daughter of the Honorable Charles TOLLEMACHE, and grand daughter to the Countess of Dysart.
At St. George's, London, on Thursday week, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Carlisle, Viscount Milton, eldest son of Earl FITZWILLIAM, to Lady Selina Charlotte JENKINSON, second daughter of the Earl of Liverpool.

At her house in Lowther-street, on Wednesday last, Mrs. DACRE, relict of the late Wm. DACRE, Esq., of Kirklinton Hall, aged 72.
At Bandon, county Cork, on the 12th inst., after a short illness, Mr. William YOUNG, supervisor of excise, (son of the late Mr. Joseph YOUNG, Rickergate) a native of this city, aged 51.
At Crozier Lodge, on Monday last, Mr. William FARLIE, painter, aged 27.
At Walby, on Sunday last, George, second son of Mr. G. THOMPSON, aged 18 years. Mr. T. was a young man endowed with a mild and pleasing disposition, which endeared him to his friends and relatives, by whom his death is sincerely regretted.
At Cockermouth, on Friday week, Mrs. Mary WILSON, aged 70 years; Mr. John HARDEN, weaver, aged 35 years.
At How, near Keswick, on Friday week, Sarah, the wife of Mr. John BARNES, aged 69.
At Workington, since our last, Mr. John HARRISON, aged 50; Mrs. Mary HEWITT, advanced in years.
At Egremont Bridge End, on the 18th inst., after a long and tedious illness, Mr. Wm. MOSSOP, 1st Regiment of Life Guards, aged 32 years; a young man highly esteemed in the Regiment to which he belonged. Mr. M. was the second son of the late Mr. Wm. MOSSOP, of Rottington Hall, near Whitehaven.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. T. M'GEORGE, master of one of the Hoppers belonging to that port, aged 55; Mary BENT, widow, 77; Mrs. Eleanor MAHON, widow, advanced in years; Isabella, wife of Mr. T. PARTLETON, waterman, in the prime of life.
On Monday the 12th inst., William, eldest son of Mr. Wm. BECK, Alby, aged 35 years, much respected.
At Liverpool, on Monday week, after a few hours illness, Mr. William BECK, jun., aged 36; superintendent in the warehouse of Messrs. MAKIN & Co., and son of Mr. Wm. BECK, formerly of Woodend, near Egremont.
At Stock Park, Windermere, on the 13th inst., in her 86th year, Mrs. Mary BRAITHWAITE, sister of the late George BRAITHWAITE, Esq., and the last of that family.
On the 8th of July, John William EDMUNDS, second son of the late John EDMUNDS, Esq., of Ambleside, Westmorland. He was Second Lieutenant of Admiral NAPIER's flag-ship, and, in the action off Cape St. Vincent, fell mortally wounded in boarding the Reinha line-of-battle-ship.
At St. James's Palace, on the 10th inst., aged 88, the Rev. Henry FLY, D. D., confessor to his Majesty's household, and subdean of St. Paul's.