At Wigton, on Tuesday last, Mr. Wm. FELL, to Miss Rosehannah MAGEE.
At Penrith, on Saturday last, Mr. Timothy DAWSON, to Miss Ann SIMPSON.
At Hayton, on Thursday week, Mr. John GRAHAM, to Miss Ann ARMSTRONG; Mr. Wm. WESTMORLAND, to Miss Mary SMITH; on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas ELWOOD, of Broadwath, to Miss Mary MULCASTER, of Hayton; Mr. Richard JAQUES, of Faugh, to Miss Elizabeth MAXWELL, of the same place; on Tuesday last, Mr. James HAMILTON, of Little Corby, to Miss Jemima MEABURN, of Fenton.
At Cartmel Fell, on Tuesday week, Mr. Henry MASON, of Burblethwaite Hall, to Miss Isabella MOUNSEY, of Burblethwaite Mill.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Monday last, Mr. George RAWNSON, wood merchant, Keswick, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. Joseph JAMES, blacksmith, Keswick.
At Liverpool, on the 20th inst., Joshua KING, Esq., President of Queen's College, Cambridge, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Rev. J. BROCKLEBANK, of Whitbeck, in Cumberland.
At St. Bees, on Tuesday week, Mr. Richard KENNEDY, to Miss Maria WRIGHT, both of Whitehaven.
At Kendal, since our last, Mr. Martin HODGSON, of Kirkland, to Miss Agnes ATKINSON, of Kendal; Mr. Geo. THWAITE, to Miss Eliz. TUBMAN, of Hugill; Mr. Thos. THWAITES, of Skilsmargh, to Miss Agnes HOGARTH, of Selside; Mr. John THOMPSON, of Patton, to Miss Mary HADWIN, of Docker.

Yesterday (Friday) morning, in Abbey Street, Mrs. HARRINGTON, wife of Dr. HARRINGTON, M. D., and sister of the late Thomas BENSON, Esq., of this city, advanced in years.
Here, on Monday last, in King Street, Mary, wife of Mr. C. CARRUTHERS, stonemason, aged 54.
On Monday last, Mrs. Jane WILLIS, Bridge Street, aged 77.
At Stanwix, on Monday last, Hannah, the daughter of Mr. Thomas LOWRY, schoolmaster, aged 15.
At Thistlewood, on Tuesday last, John WILSON, Esq.
At Edderside, Kirklinton, on Monday last, Mary, wife of Mr. Robt. ATKINSON, aged 64; much respected.
At Wigton, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Francis LITTLE, aged 81.
At Oulton, near Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. Wm. PATTINSON, aged 58.
At Todd House, near Curthwaite, John RAY, 8.
At Penrith, on Monday last, Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert GATE, saddler, aged 24; on Thursday, Mr. James BIRD, Townhead, aged 87.
At Aspatria, on the 24th ult., Mr. John TINDAL, shoemaker, aged 46; on the 30th, Mr. Robert PEARS, shoemaker, aged 50; two sober, upright, industrious tradesmen, whose loss will be severely felt by their respective families; same day, after a long and tedious illness, which she bore with great fortitude, Frances Chambers REED, late of Knowhill, aged 15; much and deservedly respected.
At Houghton-le-Spring, on the 30th ult., Mary, the wife of the Rev. Henry BROWN, aged 28.
At Cockermouth, on Thursday week, Miss Jane GRAHAM, aged 76.
At Hurstperpoint, near Brighton, on Wednesday week, the Rev. W. K. CLEMENTSON, M. A., second son of Mr. Jos. CLEMENTSON, of Cockermouth.
At Maryport, on Saturday last, Sarah, daughter of Mr. George BROWN, cabinet maker, aged 12.
At Whitehaven, yesterday week, Mrs. SMITH, advanced in years. She was formerly the respected landlady of the Anchor Inn, Queen Street.
At Kendal, since our last, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John CARTMEL, coal merchant, aged 28; Robert, son of Mr. Miles BIRKETT, brazier, 22; Mr. Thos. JAMES, labourer, 27; Mr. John THOMPSON, weauer [sic], 35; Mrs. Mary HODGSON, 73; Mrs. Ann BELL, widow, 77; Mr. Wm. SHAW, rope spinner, 66.
At Artarmon-house, on the North Shore, on the 17th ult., in the 49th year of her age, to the inexpressible grief of her husband and family, Anne, the wife of William GORE, Esq., many years Provost Marshal of thi  territory. Mrs. GORE was a lady devoted to family, of accomplished manners, unostentatious piety, and unfeigned benevolence of disposition. She contracted an asthma at the time her family were expelled from their home for their adherence to Governor BLIGH, in the disorders of 1808, from which she never recovered, and which has finally terminated her existence.—Sydney Monitor.