At Gisburne Park, Lady RIBBLESDALE, of a daughter.
At St. Mary's, in this city, on Sunday last, Mr. John BARNES, to Miss Sarah FERGUSON.
At Workington, on Saturday last, Mr. Jos. WILKINSON, miner, to Mrs. Susan HODGSON, widow.
At Dearham, on Thursday sennight, Mr. Robert HELLON, of Gosforth, tailor and draper, to Mrs. SCARROW, relict of the late Capt. SCARROW, of Maryport, and daughter of Mrs. MYERS, late of Ling Bank, in the parish of Gosforth.
At Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Mr. Jos. BRENNAN, shoemaker, to Mrs. Hannah MORTON; since our last, Mr. Isaac Carr HEWGRUN, mariner, to Miss Jane HELLON; Mr. Francis HEWS, labourer, to Miss Jane YEOWART.
At St. Bees on Sunday last, Mr. Richard TUBMAN, of New Town, to Miss S. MADGIN, of Mount Pleasant.
At Dean Church, on Thursday week, Mr. Jacob G. J. IRELAND, of Kendal, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Andrew KELLIE, Esq., of East Bank, near Bolton-le-Moors.
On tbe 15th inst., Mary, second daughter of Mr. James BONNELL, of this city.
On Saturday morning last, in Lowther Street, Mr. John MATTHEWS, butcher, aged 43.
On Monday evening, at Carleton, Miss BELL, sister to Mr. John BELL, aged 56.
On Monday last, Mrs. SEWELL, aged 55; many years a toy dealer in this city.
On Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas ALLINSON, hair-dresser, aged 59.
On Thursday week, Mrs. Charlotte TALLANTYRE, Robert Street, aged 50.
Yesterday week, Elizabeth MILLER, Bridge Lane, 20.
On Saturday last, Mr. H. STALKER, Rickergate, 83.
At Wigton, on Wednesday week, William ADDISON, aged 11; Mrs. Mary MURPHY, aged 67.
At Penrith, on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. PORTHOUSE, clock and watch maker, aged 46; on Tuesday last, Susannah, wife of Mr. J. BLENKINSHIP, Townhead, 51.
At Maryport, on Saturday last, Mary MIREHOUSE, aged 29.
At Dearham, near Maryport, yesterday week, Mrs. Mary OSTLE, aged 65.
At Workington, on the 6th inst., Mr. Abraham BLACKBURN, aged 31.
At Havannah, on the 17th of January last, of cholera, on board the Coniac Packet, of which vessel he was chief mate, Mr. Thomas SPROTT, aged 21, son of Mr. Joseph SPROTT, of Harrington.
At Whitehaven, on Saturday last, Mr. D. WILLIAMS, aged 81; since our last, Mrs. Elizabeth ION, 57; Mrs. Mary PEARSON, widow, 80; Mr. Robert QUINE, shoemaker, 55; Mr. James SIMPSON, Sergeant in the Royal Cumberland Militia, 49.
On Saturday week, Mrs. DICKONS, the once celebrated singer. She made her first appearance as Miss POOLE, in 1793, at Covent-garden, and retired from the stage in 1818.