On Monday last, in the New Infirmary, near this city, Mrs. WHIPP, of her ninth son.
At St. Cuthbert's, in this city, on Sunday last, Mr. Thomas ROBINSON, hatter, to Miss Mary MUNCASTER.
At Allhallows Church, on Monday last, Mr. Jos. PATTINSON, Furs, to Miss RITSON, Harrowby-brow.
At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas WAITE, to Miss Elizabeth Mc.CRURY.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Monday week, Mr. John ATKINSON, Briery Hill, near that place, to Miss Mary WESTERN, of Keswick.
At Workington, on Wednesday week, Capt. CHALMERS, of the Bee, to Sarah, fifth daughter of Captain MARTIN.
At Whitehaven, on Monday last, Mr. NEWTON, to Miss PALMER, both of the theatre; Mr. John JOHNSON, to Miss Sarah WELSH.
A lady and gentleman, who had never seen each other, met by accident at Pailing next the sea, on Saturday evening, and, after an acquaintance of about two hours, marriage was proposed; to this the lady had no particular objection. The following morning (Sunday) the parties proceeded to the neighbouring village church, for the purpose of attending the hymeneal altar, but very unfortunately the resident clergyman had just left home to do duties at another church; no alternative remained but to wait, although impatiently, till Monday, when they were joined together in holy matrimony.— Norwich Mercury.
Last week, in the marriage of a couple from Kingstown, near this city, at Rockliffe, inserted in this paper, the difference in the age of the parties was maliciously stated by the writer to be upwards of 40 years, whilst it amounted to only three. The letter is dated Kingstown, and the clumsy wit, we believe, known.

Here, on Thursday last in Abbey Street, at the house of Mrs. LODGE, to whom she had been a faithful servant for upwards of 42 years, Mrs Mary PEARS, aged 77.
Yesterday week, in St. Cuthbert's Lane, Frances, eldest daughter of Mr. F. LAMB, innkeeper, aged 18. Her death was caused by an accident to which we alluded at the time, viz., being dreadfully burned by her clothes taking fire from a candle, while sitting before the fire. This took place so far back as the 13th of February, since which time her sufferings have been incredible, and borne with extreme patience.
Here on Wednesday week, Mr. Patrick CANNON, of the 3rd light dragoon guards, aged 33; Mr John SIMPSON, Bridge lane, aged 29.
At Liverpool, on Saturday last, Mr. BROWN, formerly clerk with Messrs. NIXSON & DENTON of this city.
At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas SCOTT, aged 76; on Wednesday, Mr. J. S. HOWARD, musician, in the prime of life.
At Moorthwaite, near Wigton, on Wednesday week, Mr. John ROBINSON, aged 56.
At Oulton, near Wigton, on Thursday week, Mrs. Mary FOSTER, aged 49.
At Moorrow, near Wigton, on Monday last, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Jos. NELSON.
At Potholm, near Langholm, on the 15th inst., in his eighteenth year, Thomas, younger son of the late Mr. Thos. KEIR, of that place; deeply regretted by his family and friends.
At Stonethwaite, in Borrowdale, on Sunday week, Mrs. SIMPSON, widow, at an advanced age.
At Workington, Mr. Alexander BORRUS, aged 29.
At Harrington, yesterday week, Mr. J. M'DOWAL, formerly a farmer in that parish, aged 62.
At Whitehaven, on Wednesday week, Mr. CONQUEST, hat manufacturer, aged 45; since our last, Mrs. Sarah WILSON, 40; Mrs. C. TODHUNTER, widow, 94.
At St. Bees, on the 18th inst., Mr. F. JEFFERSON, of the Clerical College, aged 23.
At Longmarton, near Appleby, yesterday week, George, son of Mr. Thomas EARL, miller, aged 20.
At Kendal, since our last, Miss HARRISON, of Stricklandgate, daughter of the late Miles HARRISON, Esq., many years recorder of that burgh, aged 84; Mary, wife of Mr. Tobias DEROME, 74; Mr. John BIRD, weaver, 25; Mrs. Mary THOMPSON, spinster, 59; Frances, wife of Mr. Richard TROUGHTON, 59.
At Pant End, in Lupton, near Kirkby Lonsdale, Mr. Edward FELL, aged 46.
At Langshaw, N. B., the seat of her father, John BARKER, Esq., on Tuesday last, Anna Galliard BARKER, in her 21st year; a young lady whose piety and resignation to the Divine will endeared her to all her acquaintances.
At Wakefield, on Monday last, Thomas Rogers, eldest son ot the Rev. Jos. TWENTYMAN, aged 5 years and 7 months.
At Hanover, on the 16th inst., the celebrated professor of botany, SPRINGEL, of apoplexy, after two days' illness; and it is also mentioned in the same papers that Dr. PASSOW, who was no less celebrated as a philologer and antiquarian, has been carried off in an equally sudden manner, at the early age of 47.