At St. Mary’s, in this city, on Saturday last, Mr. Michael SANDERSON, to Miss Jane HUDLESS, both of the Hamlet of Middlesceugh; on Monday, Mr. Thos. NIXON, to Miss Margt. HETHERINGTON.
At Rockliff, on Monday last, Mr. Thos. CLENNON, of Kingstown, weaver, aged 60, to Miss Mary GRAHAM, aged 19.
At Penrith, on Saturday last, Mr. John COLTHARD, to Miss Mary TEASDALE.
At Cockermouth, on Thursday week, Mr. George BUSHBY, of Dunthwaite, to Miss M. FISHER, of Cragg, both in Setmurthy; on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas WILSON, stonemason, to Miss Jane BARTON.
At Dearham, on Saturday last, Mr. Patterson LATIMER, to Miss Eleanor DOUGLAS.
At Crosscannonby, on Thursday week, Mr. Thos. HAMILTON, of Workington, to Mrs. Eliz. PEARSON, of Maryport.
At Workington, on the 11th inst., Mr. Jos. MIDDLEMAST, basket-maker, to Mrs. Frances BIRKETT, widow.
At Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Mr. James MONTEITH, shoemaker, to Jane Susannah, daughter of the late Wm. NICHOLSON, Esq., of Whitehaven; since our last, Mr. David ORMSTON, potter, to Miss Isabella MOORE; Mr. Robert NESBIT, labourer, to Miss Esther HENDERSON.
On Thursday last, the Rev. J. REID, incumbent of Rockliff, having faithfully discharged the duties of that parish for the space of 54 years. What is remarkable he and his predecessor have filled the situation for the long period of 112 years.
At Woodhouses, on the 6th inst., deservedly respected, Mr. John HIND, aged 39, for many years a confidential servant of Mr. Thos. TWENTYMAN, by whom his loss will be acutely felt and deeply lamented. He has left a widow & one child to mourn his untimely fate.
At Brampton, on Saturday last, Martha, second daughter of Mr. Thos. RICHARDSON, ironmonger, aged 22; on Monday, Mrs. BELL, wife of Mr. Thos. BELL, innkeeper, in the prime of life.
At Wragmire-bank, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Hannah BROUGH, widow of the late Mr. James BROUGH, aged 76; much respected for a kind and charitable disposition through life.
At Penrith, on Saturday last, Mr. Isaac ALLINSON, druggist, aged 50; on Monday, Mrs. Hannah RICHARDSON, widow, aged 65.
At Cockermouth, on Monday week, Mr. R. OLIPHANT, husbandman, aged 61; on Thursday week, Mr. Wm. PEARSON, joiner, 22; Mary, the wife of Mr. T. ABBOT, nailor, 62; yesterday week, Mary, the wife of Mr. Isaac BROWN, ironmonger and grocer, 42.
At High Lorton, yesterday week, Margaret, wife of Mr. John NIXON, aged 34.
At Gelbrone, on the 10th inst., the daughter of Mr. Samuel JACKSON.
At Castlerigg, near Keswick, on Tuesday week, Mr. George SUMMERS, aged 78.
At Maryport, on Thursday week, Mrs. Mary HODGSON, aged 65.
At Flimby, on Sunday last, Miss Barbara ALLONBY, a maiden lady, aged 82.
At Workington, on Sunday last, in the prime of life, and after a short illness, Anna, the wife of J. S. DICKINSON, Esq., surgeon.
At Harrington, on Monday week, Mr. Ralph FERRY, at an advanced age.
At Whitehaven, on Thursday week, Jane, wife of Mr. James MOORE, painter, aged 36; yesterday week, Mary, the wife of Capt. John FISHER, aged 69; Mr. William WHITE, 79; Mr. Samuel CARNIGAN, 76; Mr. John DOUGLAS, 45; Mrs. Betty PARK, 72; Mr. E. PARKER, 62; Sarah JEFFREY, 22.
At Hensingham Workhouse, Mary BOWMAN, 84.
At Fox Houses, near Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. SMITH, late of the Customs at that port, in an advanced age.
At Egremont, on Thursday week, Mr. Jas. SHAW, aged 59.
At Buckminster-park, Lincoln, on Monday week, of apoplexy, the Right Hon. Wm. Lord Huntingtower, aged 68. He is succeeded by his eldest son, the Hon. Lionel TOLLEMACHE.
At his residence, in Merrion-square, Dublin, Lord Llandaff. His lordship had been out the preceding day, and to within a few minutes of his decease was in as good health as he has for some time been in the habit of enjoying. The title becomes extinct, his lordship having died without issue.