At St. Cuthbert's, in this city, on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. SMITH, to Miss Sarah BROWN; on Monday, Mr. John SMITH, to Mrs. Elizabeth GRAHAM.
At Gretna, on Wednesday week, Mr. Jos. BAILIE, labourer, of this city, to Miss Jane NICHOLSON, of Cockermouth.
At Penrith, on Monday last, Mr. John EDGER, to Miss Jane TINNION; Mr. Dougal CUMMING, to Miss Mary SCOTT.
Here, on Thursday week, Mrs. Ann DAVIDSON, Shaddongate, aged 59; on Saturday last, Ellen MILLER, Caldcoats, aged 19.
At Scotby, yesterday week, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Alice LITTLE, aged 44; much respected.
At Dalston Low Green, on Thursday last, after a few hours illness, Robert, son of Mr. Richard Robinson, aged 2½ years.
At Brampton, on Tuesday last, Mr. John MILES, aged 79.
At Penrith, on Tuesday last, Mr. Wm. RIMINGTON, aged 78; through the whole of his life universally respected, but the worth of his character could only be appreciated by his family and intimate friends, who must long mourn over the loss they have sustained; on Saturday last, Mary, wife of Mr. Thos. FINLEY, 51.
At Whitriglees, on Saturday last, Jane, wife of Mr. Joseph BACKHOUSE, of that place, and sister of the Rev. Mr. SHEPHERD, of Mungrisdale, aged 81; greatly respected through life.
At Crosscannonby, on Thursday last, Mr. Thomas HAMILTON, of Workington, to Mrs. Betsey PEARSON, of Maryport.
At High Leys, in Lamplugh, lately, Mr. William FREARS, advanced in years.
At Hensingham, last week, Mrs. Sarah FISHER, relict of the late Mr. Launcelot FISHER, aged 67.
At Whitehaven, on Wednesday week, Phœbe, wife of Mr. John KITCHEN, grocer, aged 48.
At Caldbeck, near Ravenstonedale, Mr. Jas. HUNTER, innkeeper, aged 68.
At Ravenstonedale, Mary, wife of Mr. William DAWSON, spirit merchant, aged 46; Miss Mary ROBINSON, aged 82.
At Appleby, on Sunday last, Ann, wife of Mr. Thomas WHARTON, aged 67.
At Dudmire, near Appleby, Ann, wife of Mr. Thos. PARKER, yeoman, aged 76.
At Bolton, near Appleby, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John ION, grocer, aged 45; Mr. Robert GOODBURN, innkeeper, aged 27.
At Hoff Row, near Appleby, on Saturday last, Margaret, wife of Mr. J. WHITELL, aged 27.
The Earl of Dudley died on Wednesday week, at Norwood, in the 52nd year of his age. The Earldom and the Viscounties of Dudley and Ward died with his Lordship. The Baronies of Ward and Dudley go, with an entailed estate of about £4000 per annum, to his cousin, the Rev. Hemble WARD. The Earl, by a will drawn up about ten years ago, settled the rest of his estate, to the value of £80,000 per annum, on the eldest son ot Mr. Hemble WARD; but it is said that this will is to be contested by the heir-at-law, the Earl FERRERS. The late Earl was a man of powerful talents, varied accomplishments, and a most generous disposition; but his manners had always been so much marked by eccentricities, that few were astonished by the unhappy circumstances under which he was withdrawn, about a year ago, from society. He experienced since that period a succession of paralytic attacks, and had sunk latterly into a state of perfect childhood.— We are not aware of any literary production of his Lordship's that has found its way to the press, except the well-known article in the Quarterly Review, on the Life and Character of J. Horne TOOK, with whom Lord Dudley had been intimate in his early youth. His Parliamentary speeches, and his dispatches while Secretary for Foreign Affairs under Mr. CANNING, Lord GODERICH, and during a brief part of the Wellington Administration, were always distinguished by classical elegance of style.— Morning Chronicle.