At St. Cuthbert's, in this city, on Wednesday last, Mr. Wm. THORBURN, of Huddersfield, to Margaret, fourth daughter of Mr. Wm. CARRICK, Lonsdale Street.
At St. Mary's, on Saturday last, Mr. Jos. HEWER, to Miss Mary COULTHARD.
At Penrith, on Sunday last, Mr. Henry ATKINSON, saddler, of Ambleside, to Miss Julia FOSTER, milliner, of the former place.
At Torpenhow, on the 16th ult., Mr. Marshal DICKINSON, to Mrs. Mary DIXON, (late of Prior Hall Mill, Torpenhow) both of Ireby; on the 19th ult., Mr. Joseph OSMOTHERLY, to Miss Mary ALLISON, both of Blennerhasset.
At Ulverston, on the 16th ult., Mr. Theophilus Edgar JEFFERSON, wholesale grocer of that town, to Miss Frances HINDE, of Hill Foot, near that place; Mr. Wm. GUNSON, of Braclet, to Miss Mary POSTLETHWAITE.
At Kirkby Ireleth, on the 16th ult., Mr. Joseph HELLON, yeoman, to Mrs. IRVING, both of Seathwaite; on the 16th ult. after an incessant courtship of thirty- eight years, four months, and two days, Mr. Ralph GAWITH, of Croglinhurst, near Broughton, aged 69 years, to Miss Ann JACKSON, of Kirkby, formerly of Hawthwaite, of the mature age of 56.
At Gosforth, on Saturday sennight, Mr. John SHEPHERD, of Gosforth Hall, to Miss MOORE, of Lonnings, only daughter of the late Mr. Isaac MOORE, of Hunter Place.
At Appleby, on Sunday last, Mr. John STEPHENSON, of Hoff Moor, to Miss Mary DAWSON, of Appleby.
At Kendal, since our last, Mr. James HALL, to Miss Eliz. BROWN; Mr. Robert DIXON, to Miss Jane JACKSON; Mr. Richard JAMES, to Miss Jane DIXON; Mr. Joseph KEIGHLEY, to Miss Margt. GIBSON.

Here, on Monday last, in Botchergate, Ann, wife of Mr. Thomas SCARROW, aged 58; Mrs. Ann DAVIDSON, English Damside, aged 28.
On Monday week, in Princes Street, Mrs. Martha HUTCHINSON, aged 25, wife of Mr. John HUTCHINSON, officer of excise, and youngest daughter of Mr. Isaac SAUL, of the Royal Oak inn, Wigton.
Yesterday week, Margaret BOWERS, Caldcoats, 29.
On Wednesday week, Mrs. Margaret DOWNIE, of Caldewgate, aged 56; Jane GUFFEY, Damside, 22; Mrs. Margaret WATMAN, Lowther Street, 74.
On Saturday last, Mr. John JAMES, Rigg Street, 28.
On the 8th ult., in Annetwell Street, Sarah Ann, the infant daughter of Mr. David SPEDDING, butcher.
At Whelpo House, near Caldbeck, yesterday week, Ann, eldest daughter of the late John WILSON, Esq.
At Wigton, on Wednesday last, Mr. Michael PARKER, tanner, aged 27.
At Kingside-hill, Abbey Holme, on Monday last, Catherine, daughter of Mr. William ROPER, aged 21; much regretted by her friends.
At Penrith, Miss Isabella WILKINSON, Benson Row, aged 15.
At Maryport, on the 18th ult., Miss GATES, dress-maker, aged 34.
At Torpenhow Low-mill, on the 17th ult., Mr. CALVERT, aged 78.
At Liverpool, on the 18th ult., in the 43rd year of her age, Annabella, wife of J. D. CASE, Esq., and youngest daughter of the late Henry LITTLEDALE, Esq., of Whitehaven.
At Whitehaven, yesterday week, Mrs. Eleanor COLLINS, widow, mother of Mr. James COLLINS, boot and shoe maker, aged 77; since our last, Mr. Thos. LACY, 49; Mr. John CLOXON, 20; Mrs. Sarah MURRAY, 32; Mrs. Jane WALLACE, widow, 79; Mr. Thomas TYSON, 82; Mr. William BIRKETT, 76; Mr. Joseph TYSON, 73.
At Egremont, on Monday week, after a lingering illness, Jane, wife of Mr. John CHALMERS, gardener and seedsman, aged 43; on Thursday week, at Bridge-end, Egremont, Mr. Isaac MOSSOP, yeoman, formerly of Ehen Side, near Lowmill, aged 63.
At Appleby, on Monday last, Mr. Christopher STEADMAN, joiner, aged 88 [or 83?]; on Tuesday, John DAVIS, Esq., solicitor, aged 27, much respected; Mr. Edward STEPHENSON, aged 46.
At Sandford, near Appleby, on the 17th ult., Barbara, wife of Mr. R. FAWCETT, joiner, aged 81.
At Kendal, since our last, Mrs. Ruth TAYLOR, widow, aged 86; Mrs. Mary KIRKBY, widow, 58; Mr. John MATTHEWS, tailor, 34; Mr. John WILSON, housekeeper, 50; Mr. John BROUGH, labourer, 66; Richard WILLAN, labourer, 19.
At Gledhow, near Leeds, on Thursday week, in the 84th year of her age, Lady BECKETT, relict of the late and mother of the present Sir John BECKETT, Bart.
At London, on the 9th ult., at the advanced age of 90 years, Sir Wm. DOMVILLE, Bart., Lord Mayor of the city of London in 1814, when the Prince Regent and the allied Sovereigns honoured the city of London with a visit, on which occasion he was created a baronet.
At Paris, on the 18th ult., Lieut.-General Sir George AIREY, Colonel of the 39th regt. of foot.