At the Admiralty, yesterday week, the Lady of Sir J. R. G. GRAHAM, Bart., M. P., of twins, boy & girl.
At St. Cuthbert's, in this city, on Monday last, Mr. Wm. TORRANCE, to Mrs. Margt. GORDAN ; Mr. Geo. BARNES, to Miss Mary STORY.
At St. Mary's, on Monday last, Mr. Wm. SAWYER, to Miss Isabella SMITH.
At Wetheral, on the 7th inst., Mr. John LIGHTFOOT, to Mrs. ROUTLEDGE, both of Coethill.
At Dalston, on Saturday last, Mr. Robt. COULTHARD, of East Curthwaite, to Miss Mary FIDLER, of Dalston.
At Thursby, on Thursday week, Mr. John HEWSON, of Parton, to Miss Eliz. SCOTT, of Micklethwaite.
At Caitlock, on the 15th inst., John GRANGER, Esq., of Netherfield, Lanarkshire, to Mary, daughter of the Rev. Wm. Mc.CALL, of Caitlock.
On Friday last, in Rickergate, Mr. William TWEDDLE, sen., innkeeper, formerly of Longtown, aged 60.
Here, on Sunday morning last, Mrs. H. CARTMEL, widow, Damside, aged 55.
Yesterday week, Mrs. Rosa JOHNSTON, Ritson's-lane, aged 40; Mr. David ELLIOT, House of Recovery, 21; on Saturday last, Mary CLARKE, Annetwell Street, 26; on Tuesday last, Mrs. Ann DONALDSON, Damside, 72.
On Thursday week, Mary, daughter of Mr. Walter MATTHEWS, butcher, aged 11.
At Butt House, Crosby-upon-Eden, on the 5th inst., Margaret, wife of Mr. Wm. JOHNSON, aged 70; greatly respected.
At Wigton, on Monday last, Mrs. PATTINSON, 80.
At Penrith, on Monday last, Mrs. Mary WHARTON, widow, aged 50; on Tuesday last, Mrs. THOMPSON, widow, aged 66.
At Kirkby Thore, on Thursday sennight, Edward, the son of John CROSBY, Esq , aged 8 months. At Cornerhouse, Cannobie, on Saturday last, Janet, wife of Mr. Fergus ARMSTRONG.