At St. Mary's, in this city, on Saturday last, Mr. Frederick COLTS, to Miss Mary COULSON; on Monday, Mr John JAY, to Miss Jane LITTLE.
At St. Cuthbert's, on Wednesday last, Mr. George PENNINGTON, to Miss Betty LENNOX.
At Liverpool, on Sunday week, Mr. Jas. WILLIAMS, draper, to Mary Jane, only daughter of the late Mr. Joseph BROWN, of this city.
At Dalston, on Thursday week, Mr. William SCOTT, of Thursby, to Miss Ann CHICKEN of Dalston.
At Irthington Church, on Saturday last, by the Rev. John TOPPING, M. A., Mr. William LAWSON, of Oldwall, to Miss RICHARDBY, third daughter of Mr. William RICHARDBY, of the same place.
At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. John FARLAM, to Miss Jane HALL.
At Sebergham, on Thursday week, William ROOK, Esq., of Trason Tree, to Miss TAYLOR, of Sebergham Bridge.
At Threlkeld, on Saturday week, Mr. Isaac OLDCORN, of Hutton Roof, to Miss Ann BROWNRIGG, of Threlkeld.
At Cockermouth, on Monday last, Mr. W. ADAMS, shoemaker, to Miss Sarah FLEMING; Mr. Fletcher NORMAN, linen weaver, to Mrs. M. CLARKE.
At Torpenhow, on the 3rd inst., Mr. Wm. BULMAN, to Miss Sarah BOUCH, both of Bothel.
At Bridekirk, on Saturday last, Mr. John ROBINSON, of Little Broughton, to Miss Sarah TODD, of Cockermouth.
At Workington, on Sunday last, Mr. Andrew ROUTLEDGE, mariner, to Miss Eliz. Wilson, dress maker.
At Whitehaven. since our last, Mr James TURNER, boot and shoemaker, to Mary, daughter of the late Captain JEFFERSON, milliner; Mr. Robert LOWES, to Miss Isabella DOE.

Here, on Saturday last, Mr. John Mc.CANN, of Brewery Row, aged 62.
On Sunday last, Mrs. Eleanor FRANCIS, Botchergate, aged 62.
On Tuesday last, Mrs. Eleanor BOYLE, Caldcoats, 47.
On Wednesday week, Mrs. Margt. HESLOP, Botchergate, aged 76; Mrs. Milcha DAVIS, Backhouse's Walk, aged 84.
At Caldbeck, on Monday last, Thomas BACKHOUSE, Esq., aged 62, formerly a Captain in his Majesty's service. A more honest and worthy man we could scarcely point out.
At Warwick-bridge, on Saturday last, Mrs. Dinah EMLEY, aged 39; much regretted.
At Montreal, Lower Canada, on the 10th of August last, of the typhus fever, Mr. John HARRISON, of Sprunston, near this city, aged 24.
At Longtown, on Sunday last, Mr. Geo. RICHARDSON, weaver and hair dresser.
At Sebergham, on the 1st inst., Mrs. Mary TODD, aged 75.
At Whinnow, on the 1st inst. Margaret MURRAY, aged 20; much and deservedly respected.
At Penrith, on Thursday week, Mr. Wm. ELLIOT, joiner, aged 68; yesterday week, Mr. Geo. EDMONDSON, porter, 47; on Monday last, John MAWSON, mason, 19; on Tuesday, Ann, wife of Mr. John CLARKE, 70; John, son of Mr. William BELLAS, labourer, 15; on Thursday, Mr. Daniel DEAN, stone breaker, 88; Mrs. Sarah BROWN, widow, 72, who was found dead in bed; all of Penrith.
At Newton, near Penrith, on Thursday last, Joseph THOMSON, Esq., aged 70.
At Cockermouth, on Wednesday week, Miss Eliz. SMITHSON, aged 54; on Thursday week, Ann, the wife of Mr. T. THWAITE, King's Arms inn, aged 37; on Sunday last, Ann, the wife of Mr. Isaac BOWMAN, blacksmith, aged 23.
At the Workhouse, Keswick, on Sunday last, Mrs. Sarah HAZELWOOD, aged 75.
At New Orleans, on the 13th of December last, of the yellow fever, John, the son of Mr. Joseph LOWTHIAN, of Cockermouth, aged 25.
At Scogill, near Lorton, on Thursday week, Mr. Joseph BROUGH, aged 30.
At Bridekirk Vicarage, on the 8th inst., greatly respected, Mrs. Mary ARCHER, widow of tbe late Capt. ARCHER, of Dovenby, aged 86.
At Julian Holme, Gosforth, on Tuesday week, Mrs. WILSON, relict of late Mr. Andrew WILSON, 59.
At London Head, in Irton, on Monday week, Betty, the wife of Mr. John WALTON, formerly a shopkeeper in Whitehaven, aged 64.
At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Mary TURNBULL, widow, aged 71; Miss Mary GRAYSON, aged 29; Jane, daughter of Archibald LEMON.
At Whitehaven, on Wednesday week, Mr. GREEN, head of the Police at that place, aged 47.
At Brazioria, Province of Texes, New Mexico, on the 16th of October last, Mrs. RANEY, wife of John RANEY, Esq., late banker of Whitehaven; on the 9th of November, the above-named John RANEY, Esq., aged 54.
At Bolton, on the 3rd inst., after a short but very severe illness, Joseph, youngest son of Mr. Alfred HENDERSON, letter-press printer, aged 15; sincerely regretted by his relatives and friends.
At Summerhill Grove, near Newcastle, on the 5th inst., Mary, widow of John MORRISON, Esq., of Alston, in this county.
DEATH OF EARL FITZWILLIAM.— We have just heard that this venerable and highly esteemed nobleman died on Friday morning, at four o'clock, at the seat of Lord MILTON, near Peterborough.— York Her.