At St. Cuthbert's, in this city, on Sunday last, Mr. John HUTCHINSON, to Miss Elizabeth SAWYERS, both of Uppperby.
At Wetheral, on Sunday last, Mr. John HAMILTON, to Miss Jane BELL, both of Warwick Bridge.
At Hampton, on Tuesday week, Edward Stanley CURWEN, Esq., late of the 14th Light Dragoons, and son of Henry CURWEN, Esq., of Workington Hall, in this county, to Frances, daughter of Edward JESSE, Esq., of Hampton Court, Middlesex.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Thursday week, Mr. Harriman WALKER, of Keswick, to Miss Ann BARGET, of Lazonby.
At Beckermont, on Tuesday week, Mr. Daniel WALKER, of Seascale, in Gosforth, to Miss DIXON, daughter of the late Mr. Daniel DIXON, of Sellafield.
At Workington, on Thursday week, Mr. Matthew IRVIN, ship carpenter, to Miss Margt. SOWERBY; Mr. John LOWE, to Miss Jane HADWIN.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Robert GILL, of Workington, mariner, to Miss SIMPSON, niece of Mr. USHER, of the Pack Horse, Whitehaven.
At Hensingham. on Wednesday week, Capt. SOUTHWARD, of tbe brig Pearl, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr. JACKSON, of Chapel House, near Whitehaven.
Here, on Saturday last, deeply lamented, Mrs. COWEN, wife of Mr. COWEN, of the firm of Messrs. Jacob COWEN & Sons, aged 73.
Yesterday morning, in English Street, after a short illness, much and deservedly respected, Ann, fifth daughter of the late Geo. MOUNSEY, Esq., of this city.
On Tuesday last, in Caldewgate, Orpah, the wife of Mr. Thos. ABRAHAM, aged 52.
On Thursday week, Mrs. Jane STRICKLAND, Raffles Lane, aged 95.
On Saturday last, Mr. Thos. BARTLEY, East Tower Street, aged 81.
On Monday last, Mrs. Ann HOWE, Irish Gates, 69.
On Wednesday week, Mr. Wm. HARRINGTON, of Carleton, aged 34; Mr. Rich. JOHNSON, Water Lane, aged 59; on Saturday last, Mrs. Sarah Millican CARLETON, aged 76.
In the House of Recovery, on Tuesday last, of typhus fever, Mr. Wm. PARKER, aged 29.
At the house of Mr. John TAYLOR, in this city, on the 20th ult., Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Joseph BARNES, of Parkgate, aged 30.
At Rockliffe, on Thursday last, awfully sudden, Miss Mary BATEY, aged 15; on the 19th ult., Miss Eleanor HEWITT, aged 87.
At Sandsfield, on the 25th ult., after a short illness, Mr. Joseph NIXON, aged 55; much and deservedly respected.
At English-town, Kirkandrews-on-Esk, yesterday week, Mr. Wm. FERGUSON, at an advanced age.
At Brampton, yesterday morning, Mr. W. FLEMING, surgeon, R.N., advanced in years.
At Bogside, Abbey Lanercost, on Sunday last, Mr. John JAMES, the eldest son of Mr. Hugh JAMES, 31.
At Woodhouses, on Wednesday week, Mr. Joseph BARNES, yeoman, aged 80.— Of this good man it may be truly said, that undeviating probity, and a deep sense of religious obligation, formed the basis of his moral character, moderation was the rule of his manners and habits, and benevolence the characteristic trait of his disposition.
At Penrith, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Deborah ARMSTRONG, aged 77.
At Applethwaite, near Keswick, yesterday week, Mrs. Jane HOWE, widow of the late Mr. Henry HOWE, yeoman, of that place.
At Maryport on Monday last, Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. John ROTHERY, advanced in life. At Harrington, on Monday week, aged 37, Mrs. Ann METCALF, wife of Mr. Joseph METCALF, mariner; on Thursday week, Mr. Isaac EILBECK, waller and slater, aged 85.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Isaac MAWSON, aged 56; on Wednesday week, Mrs. E. CROSTHWAITE, widow, aged 67.
At Scalegill-hall, near Whitehaven, at an advanced age, Ann, wife of Mr. Wm. THOMPSON, blacksmith.
At Teignmouth, on Wednesday week, Lord EXMOUTH, Vice-Admiral of England, aged 67.
At Hexham, on the 23rd ult., Isabella, Wife of Mr. Robert LORAINE, draper, aged 67 years; much and deservedly respected by a large circle of friends.