The twenty fourth annual gathering of the old folk. of Keswick and neighbourhood was held In the oddfellows hall on Thursday, and with unabated success. A most excellent dinner was provided for the party  by  Mr. J. W. Gill, and everyone was delighted as much with the viands(sic) as with the assiduous attention which was bestowed upon the venerable  guests .   
 The carvers were Major Crosthwaite (who has been chairman since the inauguration of the movement), Dr. Douglas (vice-chairman), Canon Rawnsley, Mssrs; T W.Gatey, W. Wilson (Keswick Hotel) C. Christopherson, Joe Hall, T Brown, J Gillespie J. Kerly, G Brooker , I. Lowthian, R. Musgrave, T. Bowness, W. Mayson, and H Tickell. 

So far as could be ascertained the waiters were as follows'
Mssrs. J.S . Aitchison, J. Aitchison, W. Atkinson, H. Swlnburn (High Hill), .T. Telford, J. B. Wivell, 'W. W. Hinde, Robert Mayson, W. H. Briggs, Jos. Mayson, D. Melvin, J. Shaw,     T. ·Walker ,J. H. Brodie, T. Strong· J. Peasgood, H. Scott, J. Bawden, T. Tickell,  J. T. Birkett,  W.Kneale, J. H. Wilson, H. T. Pape, -  Parker,  J. Swlnburn, E. Cockbain,     A. Hilton, T. Gash, J. Bonefield.
 Mssrs. Fisher, Banks and T. B. Fleming had charge of the beer.                                    
 The ladies' who subsequently presided at the tea table. were :-Mrs. Crosthwaite,   Mrs. Stedman, Mrs. Gillespie, Mrs. Bownass. Mrs. Tickell, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Gibson, and Miss Postlethwaite.

While the dinner was being served the Volunteer   Band played a selection of music.
The  following is a list of the old folk. who have passed away during the year :~'

    John Coward 68                           Robert Little 62
    Hannah Lancaster  89                  Margaret Richardson 81
    Mary Ann Swindle 73                    Sarah Bowe  85
   John Wilson 83                             Sarah Scott   63
   Ann Higgins 76                             Mary Campbell  6
   Margaret Greenip 84                     Christopher Alcock 75
   Sarah Kirkby 76                            Charlotte Burns  64
   Martha Temple  68                        Christopher Smith .67
   Joseph blackburn   84                   Jane Lancaster     60
   John Rigg   95                              George Telford    76
   Thomas Usher  60                        Mary Temple   76
   Caleb Bowe  84                            George Dixon     66
   Mark Sanderson  67                     John Norman   62
   Reuben Dobson 70                       Mary Taylor   69
   Jonas P. blakey   70                     Catherine Brandon  68
   Sarah  Graves  72                         John Latimer   77
   Elizabeth Little    62
   George Nixon     67             

 Death's 34; average age, 72 years 2 months.

The deaths are seven more in number than those recorded at the last meeting, and the average age is 11 months less. Although one cannot read the names without feeling that another milestone has been passed on life's journey, and that the goal is so much the nearer, yet sadness  is not permitted to 'linger. The old folks rejoice that they are thought of, and will he thought of when their names' come to be written amongst the absent ones. The spirit in which the gathering is  made is the greatest of its charms, for at the table the guests are known only as friends and neighbours who have attained the age of  60  years and upwards.   
 Age is made a social leveller , and for a few hours at any rate , we learn somthing of the brotherhood of man