Yesterday (Tuesday) morning Mary Whelen, single woman, was brought up on
remand at Maryport Police Court - before Mr J. Cockton (chairman), Mr T.
Carey, and Mr J. Anderson - Charged with stealing a gold wedding ring, the
property of Philip Greenhow, on the 11th inst.
*Frances Greenhow, wife of Philip Greenhow, said that on the
11th inst, prisoner, whom she knew, asked if she could assist witness with
her work, and she allowed her to do so. Prisoner helped her to clean a
bedroom., Witness had three rings which she showed to the prisoner,
afterwards putting them back in the drawer. Later on the prisoner took up
some carpets, to the bedroom by herself. At noon on the following day she
looked in the drawer, and found a ring had been taken away and an old one
put in its place. She went to Maryport with Mrs Lowstain, and saw the
prisoner. She asked her for the ring she had stolen, and she replied she
had no ring. A little alter prisoner said she would get the ring if she
made no bother about it. She said she would give her the pawn ticket then,
and the ring at six o'clock. Witness afterwards reported the matter to the
Mary Bell wife of Ralph Bell, Nelson Street, Maryport, said
about eight o'clock on the evening of the 11th inst, she met prisoner in the
street. Prisoner asked her to pawn a ring, stating it was her mother's who
was dead. Witness took it to the shop of Mr Nixon, pawnbroker, the
following morning, and he advanced he 8s upon it. Witness afterwards give
prisoner the 8s and the pawn ticket.
John Nixon, pawnbroker, Crosby Street, Maryport, gave evidence
as to the transaction.
P.C. Heward, proved the arrest of the prisoner on the Sea Brows.
In reply to the charge she said, "Yes I got the ring, and Mrs Bell pawned it
for me."
Prisoner was sentenced to one month's imprisonment.
The Chairman said it was rather hard the pawnbroker should lose
the money he had advanced, for he acted quite honourably.
Supt. Graham agreed with the Chairman, and suggested that as the
prosecutrix was partly to blame for taking the prisoner, who was practically
a stranger, into her bedroom, she should pay half the 8s to Mr Nixon
Prosecutrix agreed to this.