On Sunday forenoon on of the oldest, if not the oldest, inhabitants in the
parish of St John's, Beckermet, passed away on the person of Mrs Jane Mawson
at the great age of 93. Mrs Mawson was a daughter of the late James Fox, of
High House, St Bees, where she was born.
Her husband, Mr Isaac Mawson who predeceased her * years ago, farmed
Fleetham House Farm at ST Bees, and they subsequently carried on farming at
Wilton, from which they retired and went to reside at Cringlethwaite, near
Egremont, nearly 40 years ago. It was the latter place that Mrs Mawson died
and her husband too. The deceased, with the exception of the loss of the
sight of one eye, retained all her faculties up to the last. During the
past few weeks her health showed signs of failing, though she was able to
get up so recently as last Thursday. She was under the care of Dr
Braithwaite, Egremont. Mr Mawson who was highly esteemed by host of friends
was well known , and much regret is felt at her demise. She leaves six sons
and one daughter to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate mother. The
funeral will take place to-day (Wednesday) at St Johns Church, Beckermet,
where her husband's remains were interred. Mr Mawson came from a long-lived
family. One of her cousins, Miss Mossop, died recently at Rottington at the
age of 92, and another cousin Miss Mossop of the same place was 92 when she
passed away about two years ago. Mrs Mawson was a very interesting person
and could relate many interesting events associated with her young days.