Yesterday (Tuesday) morning a serious accident happened at Harrington
Station to a young man called Isaac Edgar, who lives with his parents in
Christian Street, Harrington.
The unfortunate young fellow is employed in the locomotive department if
the London and North-Western Railway Company at Workington station as an
engine cleaner. Having been working all night he was returning home and
took advantage of an engine that was coming through to get a lift. At
Harrington station the driver who had only a break van attached to the
engine, slowed down, coming almost to a standstill to allow Edgar to alight.
In getting off Edgar must have slipped and fallen with his left leg either
under the van, or it had been hanging over the side of the platform and was
crushed between the footboard of the van and the side of the platform.
However it was his leg was severely crushed. His cries reached the drivers
ears and he instantly stopped his engine, and he and the fireman and the
brakesman all rushed to Edgar's assistance. Mr Fleming, the stationmaster
was in the office and hearing the cries he was on the spot immediately. A
tourniquet was applied to stop the bleeding and Mr Fleming ran for Dr
Cullen, who attended at once and fixed up the wounded limb as carefully as
possible. The poor fellow bore his sufferings like a hero - he never
flinched and was able to talk all the time. His father Mr John Edgar, an
engine driver with Messrs Jas. Bain & Co., was sent for and soon arrived.
The accident happened about 7-40, and a stretcher was procured from the
police station on which the young man was placed and sent on to Workington
infirmary by the 8-12 train , Mr Fleming , the stationmaster, and the poor
fellow's father going with him. At Workington four railway men carried him
up to the infirmary, where Miss Winter, who had been prepared for what was
coming, was ready to receive her patient.
We regret to learn that is has been necessary to amputate the injured limb
above the knee joint. The injured youth is well known in Harrington as a
fine steady young fellow, just on the threshold of manhood, and his
unfortunate accident has drawn forth great sympathy toward both himself and
his parents