The annual general meeting of this club was held in Tolson's Temperance
Hotel on Monday evening when there were present:- The Rev Harold D Ford (in
the chair), Messrs J W Watson. J R Douglass, E H Wilson, Sidney Hayton,
Thompson Houghton (treasurer), and Theodore Fisher (secretary). The
treasures report, showing a debit balance of £13, was read and adopted. Mr
Richard Williamson, of South Lodge, was elected president for the ensuing
year, and Mr Harris, Westworth, and Mr Watson, St Helen's, additional
vice-presidents. Mr R. H. Williamson being desirous of resigning the
captaincy, the Rev Canon Pollock was unanimously elected captain in his
place. Mr J.H. Fawcett was elected on to committee and Mr Edwin H Wilson
joint secretary with Mr Fisher.
All other officials were re-elected, and the meeting closed with a vote of
thanks to Mr Ford for his able occupancy of the chair.