Last (Tuesday) night a social and ball was held at the Town hall, in honour
of St Patrick's Day. The gathering was promoted by the committee of the Dan
O'Connell Branch of the United Irish ***ue of Great Britain. The interior of
the hall was decorated with flags and banners kindly lent by the Urban
District Council. The affairs of the branch are managed by the following
officers: -Mr Peter Kelly, president; Mr W. Greer, vice-president; Mr C.
Looney, secretary; and Mr H McGuinness; treasurer; with Messrs J. Rourke. H.
Rourke, D. Hamilton, H. Speight, T. Daley, James Burns, J. Daley, and J.
Kelly as members of the committee. Dancing was begun at nine o'clock to the
music supplied by Mr A. C. Tyson (piano) and Mr J. Hayton (violin). During
the night several capital songs were sung, Mr E Rourke ably officiating as
accompanist. Messrs W Greer and J Burns filled in the positions of M.C.
Refreshments were provided by Mrs Gillespie of Church Street, Egremont, who
was assisted at the tables by Mrs Carroll, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Nolan, Mrs
Kinsella, Miss Garnett and Miss Slone.