On Sunday the 64th anniversary of the Trinity Baptist Sunday School,
Maryport, was celebrated. The preacher both morning and evening was the Rev
H.C. Mander, and there were good congregations. Special hymns were sung by the
children, assisted by the choir, under the conductorship of Mr R. Baxter. In
the evening the choir sang the anthem, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem," the
solo being taken by Miss K. Robinson. Miss Rankine, Leeds, also sang, "O,
Rest in the Lord." Mr G. Moore presided at the organ both morning and evening.
A flower service was held in the afternoon, when a special address was given
to the children by the Rev H. C. Mander. The annual distribution of prizes to
the children for regular and punctual attendance also took place. Mr W. Hine,
J.P., C.C., made touching reference to the death of the young scholar,
Richard Preston, who was drowned in the river Ellen on the 25th ult. This year he
had made perfect attendance up to the time of his death. The flowers were
afterwards sent to Carlisle Infirmary.