Mr. John Gray Scott and Miss Hannah Burns were married on Tuesday, at
St. Nicholas' Church, Whitehaven. The bridegroom is the electrical engineer
in charge of the generating station at Croydon, and will be remembered as the
electrician who succeeded Mr. Mayson at Whitehaven, and who left Whitehaven to
go to Edinburgh. He is the third son of the late Mr J. Scott, Glasgow. The
bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. Henry Burns, Mountain View, Whitehaven,
the corresponding secretary of the Whitehaven District of Oddfellows. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev C.B.S. Gillings. The bride was given away by
her father. She was gracefully attired in a navy blue travelling dress, with
plack* picture hat. Miss E. Combe, Whitehaven, was bridesmaid; and Mr E.
Stiven, Whitehaven, borough surveyor, was the best man. The bride and bridegroom
left Whitehaven by the 10.20 a.m. train for a tour through Scotland on their
honeymoon. They received some very handsome and useful presents. Later in the
day the wedding party drove from Mountain View to Calder Abbey.

On wednesday morning Mr Joseph Sibson, of Woodbank, Whitehaven, and
Miss Fisher, only daughter of Mr J.I. Fisher, the Mayor of Whitehaven, were
married at the Wesleyan Church. This was a very pretty wedding, and there was a
large attendance at the ceremony. The bride was given away by her father. She
was dressed in white silk trimmed with embroidered chiffon, and wore a white
chiffon and silk hat. Miss Taylor, Solway View, was bridesmaid, and wore
French muslin with white tulle and floral hat; and a diamond and sapphire ring,
the gift of the bridegroom. Both bride and bridesmaid carried lovely shower
bouquets, the gifts of the bridegroom. The officiating clergymen were the Rev
R.J. Warded,** of New Brighton, assisted by the Rev F. Hilton, superintendent
minister. The rostrum was artistically decorated with flowers and plants. Mr
T.S. Lowrey presided at the organ, and played Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" as
the bridal party left the church. The bride and bridegroom left by the 2.50
train for the Lake District. The bride wore for travelling a blue zibeline
cloth costume, with black and Tuscan picture hat.

*Looks like plack.
**Looks like Warded, but not sure

Carol Saul