WHITEHAVEN AND WEST CUMBERLAND AUCTIONEERING COMPANY Ltd.- The half-yearly meeting of the shareholders of this company was held on Thursday at the Board Room, Preston Street, Whitehaven. Present.- Mr Thomas Watters (in the chair), Messrs Thomas Walker, M Mossop, M Dickinson, John Hunter, Joseph Jackson, O Hodgson, W M Casson and W. C. Casson. On the motion of Mr M Mossop, seconded by Mr John Hunter, the balance sheet and directors' report for the half year ending 30th June 1903, were adopted. On the motion of Mr O Hodgson seconded by Mr Jos Jackson it was resolved that a dividend at the rate of ten per cent per annum, free of income tax, be declared on the shares of the Company, for the half year ending 30th June last. On the proposition of Mr John Hunter, seconded by Mr M Mossop, a vote of thanks was accorded the chairman and directors of the company for their services during the last six months. The resolutions were severally carried unanimously.