ROBINSON.- In loving memory of Henry, beloved husband of Mary Robinson, Aspatria, who died August 3rd 1901, age 67 years. Was interred on August 5th at Aspatria Churchyard.

We think of him in silence,
No eye may see us weep,
Yet deep within our hearts,
His memory we shall keep.

He Sleeps in Jesus and is blest,
From worldly troubles is at rest
His pain he with patience bore,
He is not lost but gone before.

HUDDART.- In memory of Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr Is. Huddard, Senr, of Arlecdon, who departed this life, August 5th, 1892, aged 69 years.

HODSON.- At the Stables, Highfield, Ashton-on-Kibble, Preston, August 2nd 1902, John Simpson Eli, the dearly love son of Henry and Mary Hodson and grandson of Mrs M Simpson Gilcrux, age 5 months. Interred Preston Cemetery, August 5th.

NICHOLSON.- In living memory of Mary Ann, the beloved daughter of William and Eleanor Nicholson, Flimby, who died on August 5th, 1898 age 6 years. Also their son, Fletcher, who died June 26th 1891, age 7 months
Soft wings of angels hushed then to sleep,
and oft for our children we silently weep.
No more in our home with their presence blest.
Yet we should not mourn for our loved ones at rest.

TINNION.- In Loving memory of Edward Cowen, the beloved son of James and Jane Tinnion of Harriston who died August 4th, 1901 aged 18 years. Was interred at Aspatria Churchyard on August 8th 1901.
Two years have gone and still to memory dear,
His loving name we breathe and shed a tear,
Time cannot alter love so deep and true,
This year brings back our grief anew.

We think of him, the one we love;
His soul has gone to rest above,
His name to us shall ever last,
As ages roll so swiftly past.

PURDY.- In loving memory of Cornelius, the beloved husband of Mary Purdy, Bullgill, who departed this life, August 9th 190
Rest on, dear husband, thy work is o'er,
Thy willing hands will toil no more,
A faithful husband, true and kind,
No friend on earth like you behind.

TOMLINSON.- In Loving memory of Margaret, the beloved wife of Joseph Tomlinson, who died at 7 Derwent Street, Workington, August 11th 1901 age 65 years. Ever remembered by her husband and family.

Two years have passed, but still we miss her;
Friends may think the wound is healed,
but little they know the sorrow
That is within our hearts concealed.

We saw her suffer day to day,
Which caused us bitter grief,
To see her slowly fade away,
and could not give relief.

SIM.- In loving memory of Mary Sim of Hill House, who died at Mawbray Yard, August 11th 1880 aged 63 years. Ever remembered by her daughter, M. A. H.

BOUCH.- In loving memory of Isabel Dalzell the dearly loved daughter of John and Mary Ann Bouch, of Aspatria, who died August 7th 1897, aged 8 years 3 months, To memory ever dear.