This is a long and detailed account of a meeting which I intend to give a overall listing of the relevant speakers and parts of what they had to say.



Meeting at Workington.

A public meeting of protest against the Education Act was held in the Congregational Church, Workington yesterday (Tuesday) night, under the auspices of the Free Church Council.
Mr M. GRAHAM, president of the local Council, presided and the speakers were Mr W. B. REDMAYNE, of Carlisle, and Rev W. J. TOWNSEND, D.D. ex-president of the National Council.
The meeting was opened with singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" after which the Rev E. J. WOODHALL offered a prayer.....
............ (( There followed a dicussion that ended with a resolution.))...........
Rev F. RICHARDSON (Primitive Methodist) moved the following resolution :- That this public meeting expresses its unalterable disapproval of the Education Act of 1902 as a violation of the social rights of conscience and unjust endowment of sectarian schools without the right of effective control........etc.....
Rev Hugh MUNGLE (baptist) seconded the resolution.
Mr W. B. REDMAYNE prefaced his remarks by saying---" I am no orator as Brutus is but ablunt, plain man that speaks right on"....................((Long Speech))..............
Dr TOWNSEND said it was a melancholy thing that they should be called upon at this time of day to fight for their very existance as Free Churchmen........((Long Speech ending)).........They felt that GOD WASCALLING THEM TO THE CONTEST as they had never been called to a contest for the past 300 years. They would never rest until they had a system of education which would lift their boys and girls to anequality of attainment and efficiency with those of any other country. God and right and time were on their side. They would go into battle in the spirit of CROMWELL, MILTON, and the other heroes of the past from whom they had obtained all their liberties and privileges. May God defend the right. (Applause.)
The resolution was put to the meetingand carried with enthusiastic unanimity.