Works Committee Continued.



Mr MOSSOP, according to notice, moved that the plans of the sewerage scheme for Dearham be laid before the Parish Council before being sent to the Local Government Board for approval. He complained that this Council proposed to carry out a scheme which would involve a large expenditure of money without consulting the Parish Council or submitting plans or asking their opinion in any way what-ever. He was proceeding to go into the history of the scheme when he was pulled up by the Chairman, who ruled him out of order.- Mr CAPE : Give him fair play. - Mr MOSSOP : I refuse to move it unless I can explain.- The Chairman : You had an opportunity at Dearham.- Mr MOSSOP : I want an opportunity now. He went on to explain that when the Sanitary Committee visited Dearham the representatives there did not get any notice, and yet at the last meeting Mr SEALBY
2 Cmth District Council
said the Dearham representatives hadn't the common courtesy to meet them.- Mr SEALBY : And I repeat it.- The Chairman seconded the motion, which was supported by Mr CAPE and carried.

The Chairman moved that the resolution passed on the 19th August, 1901, as to water supply of Crosscanonby, be rescinded : that the three parishes of Allerby and Oughterside, Crosscanonby, and Gilcrux be supplied with water from the reservoir at Wyndham Row : that the Local Government Board be asked to sanction the cost, and that notice be give to the overseers of the above-mentioned parishes of the apportioned cost to each parish, such apportionment to be made in accordance with the assessable values for the purposes of a special sanitary rate. They were all aware that the ratepayers of Crosscanonby agreed to their terms, and it was very desirable that the supply should be kept within their district.- Mr MILBURN seconded, Mr SANDERSON supported, and the motion was agreed to.

The Chairman reported that Mr R HORSLEY, whose horse met with an accident at Stainburn owing to the road having been broken open, had agreed to accept £12 10s in settlement of his claim.- Mr WELLS said the whole thing was only worth £'5, and it seemed strange that they should have to pay £12 10s.- The Chairman : If you can settle it for less in the County Court I shall be very glad.- It was agreed to pay the money, and to request the Water Committee to report upon the circumstances attending the accident.

The Flimby Parochial Committee reported having agreed to extend the sewer at Flimby at a cost of £120.- Mr WEDGEWOOD said they proposed paying the cost out of the rates. It would mean a 3d rate perhaps, but it would not cost as much as stated.- Mr WILSON said he did not want to take a personal view of the matter, but the works at Flimby were feeling the effect of the rating, and he thought the money should be borrowed.- Mr WEDGEWOOD agreed, and it was decided that this course be adopted.

Broughton Moor Parish Council wrote asking for plans, specifications, and estimate of their sewerage scheme.- MR Jon HARKER said he did not see that any benefit would be derived by sewering Broughton Moor.- It was resolved to supply what had been asked for.

A letter was received from the Local Government Board sanctioning a loan of £475 for building bridges in Above-Derwent and Loweswater. Before sanctioning the expenditure of £310 on the Braithwaite Road widening they would invest the Council with the necessary powers to carry out the improvement.