The harvest thanksgiving services were commenced on Friday evening and were continued on Sunday. The church had been tastefully decorated by members of the congregation and choir. Excellent taste was shown throughout. The decorations of the chancel were by the Misses STAMPER of Langrigg Bank. An artistic model in butter in the form of a bride's loaf was the work of Miss HAYTON of Beck Farm a member of the choir. Many beautiful crosses and other designs and flowers also adorned the chancel, the embellishment being the handi-work of Mrs GARLAND, Blencogo. The reading desks were made beautiful by Miss Jane MANN and Miss STOCKDALE, assisted by Ellen FLETCHER and Grace BELL. The lectern was decorated by Mrs PEARSON ; the lamp pillars by Mrs J. B. ASHBRIDGE, assisted by Miss ASHBRIDGE, Jane TWENTYMAN, and Mary FOSTER ; the pulpit by Miss EDWARDS, of Langrigg Hall, assisted by Mary N. REAY and Mary E. BOWNESS ; the windows by Miss Ada BELL and Maggie MANN, assisted by Maggie MILLICAN ; the arch pillars By Miss Lizzie WILSON and Isabella MANN ; the font by Mrs SMALLWOOD, ably assisted by Miss ATKINSON and Miss IRVING. Valuable help was rendered to the decorators by Rev R. TAYLOR and Mr FALCON. At the close of the decorations the workers were entertained to tea at the Vicarage by the Vicar, Miss BESWICK attending to the wants of all in her best style. The special preacher was the Rev Canon HASELL, vicar of Aikton, who preached a very eloquent and practical sermon from the text "Gather the wheat into my garner." The choir, under the leadership of Mr FALCON, rendered the musical part of the service very satisfactorily, Canon HASELL in the course of his sermon remarking how well the blending of the children's voices had pleased him. The soprano solo in the anthem " While the earth remaineth" was ably sustained Miss Marion ASHBRIDGE in a rich, powerful voice. Miss MANN presided at the organ. The lessons and prayers were read by the Rev R. TAYLOR. On Sunday morning the church was again well filled, the preacher bing the vicar.
In the evening the church was filled to overflowing when the Rev R. D. E. LOVE, curate of Aspatria, was the preacher. Appropriate hymns, pslams, anthem and solo were rendered at each service. The congregations were in excess of previous years, and the offertories, which were in aid of the organist's fund, reached almost £9. The following is a list of donors :-
Palms, ferns, flowers, and fruit from ........Mrs GOLDIE, The Gill ;
grapes and flowers from..............................the High Sheriff of the county ;
Apples from.....................Mrs BEEBY, Mrs TWENTYMAN, and Mrs LITTLETON, Beech Hill ;
corn and roots from....................Mr PATTINSON, Bromfield Hall ;
Mr WILSON, Blencogo Hall ;
Mr LITT, Greenah ;
Mr HAYTON, Beck Farm ;
flowers from. Mrs STOCKDALE, Mrs GARNER, MrsTWENTYMAN, Mrs EDGAR, Mrs PEARSON. The parishoners generously and heartily responded with various gifts.