On Sunday the first harvest festival was held in the Ellenborough Place Mission. The room was prettily decorated by Mrs THOMPSON, Mrs PETRE, Miss WHITE, Miss THOMPSON, and Miss SIDES, assisted by Mr J. McEWAN, Mr J. LAWSON, and Mr W. THOMPSON. The special preacher was Mr Thomas OSBORNE, West Moor End, who delivered two stirring and appropriate addresses. A well conducted service for children was held in the afternoon when suitable addresses were given by Mr I. W. BYRES. At the evening service the room was crowded. Mr OSBORNE was assisted by Mr P. MESSENGER. Mr FARISH, Flimby, presided at the organ. Last (Tuesday) night a public meeting was held, presided over by Mr J. LANCASTER, when an address was given by Mr P. MESSENGER. At the close the material was sold by auction by Mr LANCASTER. This effort in one of the most successful ever held in connection with the mission.