On Saturday night a very pleasant meeting was spent in the Wesleyan Sunday Schoolroom, Rowrah, in honour of Mr Thomas WATSON, who, along with his family, are about to leave the district for Gilcrux district. The Rev A. K. BROWN, Cleator Moor, who presided, was supported on the platform by Messrs Jno. THOMPSON, Joseph MACKAY, and ISAAC HUDDART, jun.
Hymn, "Leader of faithful souls and guide," after which prayer was offered up. Mr BROWN then briefly explained the object of the meeting, remarking that he had great pleasure in being present, and was glad to meet with such a nice company, a fact which evidently spoke well for the esteem in which Mr WATSON was held. He would not say any more just now, but would speak by and bye.
After some introductory remarks by the Chairman, the solo "My happy home," was given by Miss Lizzie MARTIN.
Mr Joseph MACKAY said for the past eight or nine years Mr WATSON and he had been very intimate friends. When Mr WATSON came amongst them there was no Band of Hope, and it was entirely due to Mr WATSON's initiative that they were possessed of such a most prosperous organisation as they had to-day. (Hear, hear.) Mr WATSON's efforts had been during that period unsparing. He hoped that the friends would rally round them now that they had lost his services. They wished Mr WATSON every success in his new sphere, and he trusted that what he had accomplished would prove a lasting blessing. (Applause.)
Recitation, " The stream of life," Master James MOSCROP : hymn, Company.
Mr John THOMPSON said Mr WATSON had accomplished a work which could not possibly have been done without a good deal of self-sacrifice, and it was as little as they could do to meet together to give tangible proofs of their goodwill and to wish him Godspeed. Mr WATSON had the good wishes of all for his future prosperity. (Applause.)
The Rev A. K. BROWN said they knew what it meant to say good-bye to useful co-workers. He strongly recommended all present not to be depressed. What it had pleased Almighty God in His providence to take from us taught us one impotant lesson, and that was that men should remember they could be done without, and to perform their labour with goodwill and all humility. He mentioned the several offices Mr WATSON had so ably filled, and truly hoped that others would step in and fill the gaps. The new Wesleyan Guild was a good training ground for young people. He had very great pleasure in asking Mr WATSON to accept from the subscribers as a mark of esteem a beautiful timepiece and an easy chair. He trusted that the articles would ever remind him of the Christian friends he had left behind him at Rowrah. (Applause.)
Mr WATSON accepted the gifts with feelings of intense gratitude. While it was a matter of regret to him to leave the work amongst the little ones he loved so well, it was a matter of joy to him to see their expressions of sympathy. What he had done in the church had not been done for the applause of men but to the glory of God. He worked as a Christian worker worked because he loved God's cause and he trusted that someone would be raised up to fill his position in a better way.
Solo, "Cast thy bread upon the waters," Mr Jno. THOMPSON : recitation "Poor Clara Browne." Miss Maggie MOSCROP.
Mr HUDDART, jun., moved a very hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman for presiding. He had also to propose a hearty thanks to the ladies whose efforts at the supper tables, &c., would shortly be appreciated.- Mr MACKAY seconded the vote of thanks, which was heartily carried.
Duet and chorus "Will your anchor hold," Miss WIGHAM and Miss ARMSTRONG.
A most delicious supper was then partaken of, there being a good attendance. The tables were attended to by Mrs MACKAY, Mrs WIGHAM, Mrs TYSON, Mrs E. WATSON, Mrs CORLETT, Mrs METHERALL, Miss M. WIGHAM, Miss A. J. WATSON, and Mrs C. WATSON.
Mr WATSON, who has been society steward, Sunday School superintendent and treasurer, Band of Hope president, &c., left Arlecdon for his new home on Monday.