On Friday evening the certificates gained by the members of the class were presented to the successful candidates by the Rev W. H. WILKINSON, who referred to the useful work carried on by the association and was glad to see that the class at Hensingham had come out so well.--- Mr NANSON said it afforded him infinite pleasure to be called upon to take part in the presentation to his old and esteemed friend, Dr MATHEWS. He begged to thank Dr MATHEWS for his skill and care in bringing the class into such a state of efficiency. The fact that all the candidates who presented themselves had satisfied the examiner spoke volumes for the attention given to the class.--- Miss BLACK then handed the gift , a shaving cabinet, to Dr MATHEWS, who thanked the subscribers for their kindness. It had been a great pleasure to him to do anything for the ambulance cause. He considered it a doctor's duty to help his fellow-men in that work. Mr NANSON said they were an ave!
rage lot, but they were above average. Hundred per cent. was a splendid performance. He was glad to meet his fellow scholar(Mr NANSON) after a lapse of 20 years ; they were great friends. He trusted they would go on with the work and be as successful in the future.
Mr John WATSON proposed a vote of thanks to Miss BLACK for making the presentation and acting in the capacity of secretary to the ladies' class.----Mr W. H. MIERS seconded, and it was heartily adopted.--- A vote of thanks was also accorded to the Vicar for presiding.
The following are the names of those who received certificates :- Ladies' Class--- Miss Eva MUSGRAVE, Miss Hannah MUSGRAVE, Miss Ada BRAITHWAITE, Miss Nellie BRAITHWAITE, Miss Kathleen BLACK, and Miss Martha SANDS. Men's Class---- Messrs J. PEEL, Ben WILKINSON, John J. WATSON, W. H. BROWN, J. D. WADE, Geo. REED, W. H. MIERS, J. NICHOLSON, and H. IRELAND ; second year, Mr E. L. NANSON.