A meeting of the representatives of the various cricket clubs in East Cumberland was held at the King's Arms Hotel, Wigton, on Saturday, when the following were present :- Messrs HUDSON and FULTON, Allhallows ; McVITTIE and BASTHWAITE, Carlisle Primitives ; WHITFORD and ROUTLEDGE, Caldewgate Wesleyans; ROBINSON and JOHNSTON, Blennerhasset ; BELL, DOBIE, and BERWICK, Aspatria ; T.H. COATES, Wigton ; BEATY and SMITH, Silloth.--- Mr JOHNSON, Aspatria, who called the meeting, occupied the chair. It was unanimously decided to form a Junior League, to be known as the East Cumberland Cricket League.-- Mr DOBIE, Aspatria, was elected secretary and treasurer, and Mr J. JOHNSON, Aspatria, president.--- It was decided that the council consists of the president and secretary and treasurer, together with the representatives appointed by each club.-- It was also agreed that the league consists of nine clubs.