Local and General News.
Workington Congregational Mutual Improvement Society.- Monday was open question night, Mr W. GREEN presiding. A pleasant discussion upon a variety of topics was the result

Broughton Moor New Church.- The lady-workers had their weekly meeting in the Mission Room, Wyndam Row, on Friday evening there being a good attendance.
Mrs William THOMPSON, of Stone House, gave the tea.


For Using Bad Language in his own house at Papcastle on the 6th inst, Joseph MONKHOUSE was ordered to pay 9s 4d, the costs, at Cockermouth Police Court, on Monday.-
P.C. POSTLETHWAITE gave evidence in support of the information.


Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.- On behalf of this Society, the Rev A.E. STANLEY, Chaplain Madras Ecclesiastical Establishment, will give a lantern lecture in the All Saints Church Rooms, Cockermouth, to-morrow (Thursday) evening.

Launch at Workington.- Messrs WILLIAMSON and Sons, shipbuilders, Workington, launched a new boat on Saturday. Measurements :- Length 134ft 9in. ; breach 23ft 10in. ; depth moulded, 10ft 9in. ; dead weight, 400/420 tons. The purchasers are MANN, MACNEAL and Co., Glasgow.

Kensitites at Workington.- Kensit's WICKLIFFE : preachers commenced a series of meetings on Hagg Hill, Workington, on Saturday, and will still be here till to-morrow, Thursday.
Mr J. KENSIT, son of the pioneer of the crusade will be the chief figure in a Protestant demonstration in the Duke Street Mission Room on October 22nd.


adjudicating magistrates at this court on
Monday were
Messrs W.L.ALEXANDER (in the chair),
John WILSON, and