Sir, - I should be greatly obliged if you would grant me space in your valuable paper to call the attention of the captain of the Workington Fire Brigade to the fact that not one of his men when on duty on Monday night came in uniform. How are the police to distinguish between an authorised fireman and the general public if they do not wear the excellent uniform provided out of the rates? If the police ordered any one not wearing the badge to keep off, they would at once see the need of carrying out their rules.
I would strongly advise the Council to try and persuade Mr KEYTE, the gasworks manager, to become an officer. He helped in a most methodical manner, and they are the ones we require at times when everything is hurry-skurry. Thanking you in anticipation of an insertion, yours, J. GARD
Northumberland Street.
P.S. - There should be complete outfits ( the best in the county, including Carlisle). If thay are not there, where are they? Thay are public property purchased out of the rates.


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