Marriage of Miss BLACK,

On Monday afternoon in the presence of a large assembley of relatives and friends Miss Mary Elizabeth BLACK, eldest daughter of Mr T. J. BLACK, D. C., Hensingham House, was married at St John's Church, Hensingham, to Mr. Ernest HAHN, St Albans, Herts, eldest son of Mr and Mrs HAHN, Hillside, Potters Bar, Middlesex. The wedding created widespread interest in the district, more especially in the village where the bride's family have long held the high esteem of the residents. The weather proved favourable, and long before the hour fixed for the ceremony the church was filled. The decoration at the church were exceedingly pretty. An awning had been erected from the church doors to the main street and laid with red carpet which was continued along the aisle. This was the work of Mr. DIXON, Whitehaven. At the church gates was a triumphal arch of evergreens, &c., which gave a pretty effect. The interior of the sacred edifice had been beautified with flowers, and rare!
ly has the church had such a charming appearance. The font was tastefully arranged with asparagus and isolepois, the interior was embelished with grasses and white exotic and the whole was surmounted by a profusion of palms and ferns. The pulpit wastastefully arrayed with wreaths of Massey's chrysanthemums intermixed with green foliage and the panels were inlaid with white chrysanthemums, encircled by floral plants. On the Communion Table were four vases with choice cut flowers, and on either side of the table were two very fine specimens of liliums, palms and coloured chrysanthemums. The interior of the chancel was adorned with flowering and foliage plants. The windows looked pretty with a white ground. embelishment with dahlias. Other flowers and plants were placed at points of vantage. The decorations were ably carried out by Messrs AIREY and Sons, Hensingham, assisted by Mr Tom THOMPSON, the verger, and Mrs E L NANSON, Springfield Villa, friend of the bride.!
The ceremony took place at 2.30 p.m., and during the interval of waiting the organist ( Mr C E JAGGER ) played festal music. On the bride entering the church on the arm of her father, the organist played the bridal march from "Lohengrin." The ceremony was performed by the vicar Rev W H WILKINSON.
The bride was robed in a charming gown of Irish poplin, draped with old Spanish lace and chiffon, with a tulle veil over a wreath of orange blossoms, whilst the bridal ornaments included a very hansome diamond and olivine bracelet, the bridegroom's present, with a bouquet of orange blossom, white heather and lillies of the valley. The bridesmaids, Miss Dorothy and Miss Evelyne BLACK (sisters of the bride) and Miss Gladys HAHN (sister of the bridegroom ) were charmingly attired in dainty gowns of crepe de chine and chiffon, with white velvet hats trimmed with ermine amd plumes, and carried each a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums and autumn leaves, and wore gold bracelets enamelled with white and pink heather, also the gift of the bridegroom. Mr Albert HAHN officiated as best man.
During the signing of the register the organist played the commemoration march and on the bridal party leaving the church Mendelsohn's Wedding March.
The mother and father of the bride held a reception at Hensingham House after the ceremony, and the numerous and valuable presents were on view. After the reception Mr and Mrs Ernest HAHN left for Scotland, where they will spend their honeymoon. The brides going away dress was a claret coloured costume, and white beaver hat trimmed with sable and red berries, and a blue travelling coat with a red hood.