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The 38th half-yearly report of this Society has been issued. Its main items are as under :
"The sales for the half-year (27 weeks) amount to £21,268 4s 2d, or an average weekly taking of £787 14s 2d. This shows an increase over the previous corresponding half-year of £3,300 13s 5d, or an average weekly increase of £96 13s 1d, We now have a membership of 1621. 123 new members have been admitted, 20 have been struck off for non-compliance with the rules, while 28 have withdrawn, thus a net increase of members of 65 for the half-year. The members capital is £14,535 9s, compaired with £12,915 17s 11d last half-year, showing an increase of £1619 11s 1d for the six months. The net profit, after providing for all depreciation, expences, and interest on capital, etc., amounts to £3,325 5s 7d, which we propose to divide as follows :- Dividend to members, £20,519 at 3s, £3,077 17s: dividend to non-members, £2 at 1s 6d, 3s; reserve fund, £100 : education fund, £30 ; special depreciation of new branch at Harrington Road in lieu of renewals, £50 ; balance carried forward to next half-year, £67 5s 7d. Our purchases from co-operative sourses are £8,948 4s 11d, or 56.80 per cent of the total purchases, compared with 58 per cent last half-year.


Ref No 22

Dividend to members, £20,519 at 3s, £3,077 17s: dividend to non-members, £2 at 1s 6d, 3s

There seems to be an error in the print, I think the above dividend should read :-

Dividend to members, 20,519 at 3s, £3,077 17s: dividend to non-members, 2 at 1s 6d, 3s

What do you think.?