THE WIFE OF PRIVATE CORELANE, 57th Regiment, stationed at Woolwich, has given birth to three children at the Female Hospital.  She had previously had twins, all of whom are alive and well.

MINING FATALITIES. - On Monday while the miners were busy working in No. 10 pit, Rosehill, Coalbridge, near Glasgow, belonging to MR. ROBERT ADIE and Sons, a sudden and unexpected fall occurred of about three tons of coal and rubbish, burying three of the men.  When dug out, the men were discovered to be dead, and their bodies were frightfully mangled.  The names of the unfortunate men are ... PETER DUFFY, aged 40;  ALEXANDER MAYS, aged 49, and ROBERT MAYS, a son of the foregoing, a young man of 18 years of age.

Six or eight men were in a pit at the Crescent Colliery, Willenhall, South Staffordshire, on Saturday, propping the roof, when an immense quantity of mineral fell.  Two men were got out comparatively unhurt;  the others were crushed to death.

ELECTION AT NEWCASTLE. - The official declaration of the poll in this election was made on Thursday afternoon, as follows:  MR. COWEN (Liberal), 7356;  MR. HAMMOND (Conservative), 6353;  majority for MR. COWEN, 1003. There was considerable excitement during the day amongst the crowds of people who assembled in front of the Town Hall and at the central committee rooms, from nine o'clock in the morning, the hour at which the casting up of the votes began, until the declaration was made.  Up to the last moment the result was certain, though as the day progressed it was generally believed among MR. COWEN's supporters that there would be a majority in their favour of at least 500.  The announcement of the numbers was received with loud cheering for the successful candidate.

TRAGEDY AT FARNHAM. - On Saturday, a man named STEPHEN DEADNAN and his wife were found in their house at Bath-cottages, near the Farnham railway station, both being fearfully wounded.  MRS. DEADNAN was lying in an upper room of the cottage.  Four or five wounds had been inflicted on her head and the upper part of her body, and in another room the husband was discovered with his throat cut in a frightful manner.  Both were alive at the time, but the man died in the course of the day.

Although the injuries sustained by MRS. DEADNAN were of a most serious character, she was able to give some particulars of the occurrence.  From her statement to the police, it appears that her husband quarrelled with her as they were dressing in the morning.  He attacked her with a knife, and stabbed her several times, the weapon being broken in the struggle that took place between them.  He then rushed downstairs and cut his own throat with another knife.

According to the neighbours, the deceased man and his wife had lived very unhappily together for a long time past, and it was stated that the former had recently frequently assaulted and threatened the poor woman, who is the mother of several children.

IT IS STATED that the Turkish Government has ordered an ironclad corvette to be constructed in England at a cost of three millions of francs.

A KANSAS PAPER, which finds it expedient to avoid personalities, says: "MRS. GUERNSEY, of Fort Scott, recently fired at some burglars, and next day one of the aldermen had his arm amputated."

SCIENTIFIC. - Languid but Learned Swell:  "No, fact is I never dance.  Find physical exercise bad for brain.  Going rather deep into natural history - aw -".

Ignorant Little Creature:  "What do you mean ?  Are you keeping rabbits ?" - Judy.

THE ' Scotsman's' Londonn correspondent hears that one of our most popular dramatists is about to bring out a play which will present JOHN KNOX in a singularly novel character - that of exhibiting an intense feeling of love for MARY STUART, and at the same time struggling with the insane passion.

FOR THE NEXT BUDGET. - "A tax of two-pence a day on all foreigners in France" is said to be under consideration.  Does not this suggest to MR. GLADSTONE a splendid opportunity ?  Let him only impose a tax on all foreigners in England, being organ-grinders or street-musicians of any description, and he will so endear himself to the whole country that we shall hear no more of Conservative reaction. - Punch.


A BRISTOL CONTEMPORARY says a Taunton butcher the other day killed a heifer whose kidney weighed no less than 174 lbs.

This beats the famous Scotch gooseberry.