I learn (says the "Scotman's" London correspondent) on good authority that the Poet Laureate is again to change his publishers.  Five years ago he made an arrangement with MESSRS. STRAHAN and CO., of Ludgate-hill, the terms being £4000 per annum, with allowances for any new poems.
The contract has now expired, and it is rumoured that the bargain has not proved a very remunerative one for the firm named, because the price at which MR. TENNYSON's works are issued is so high as to place their purchase beyond the reach of persons of ordinary means.
His new publishers, MESSRS. KING and CO., of Paternoster-row, are to make a vigorous effort to overcome this drawback.  They are at present preparing an edition of the Laureate to be issued in one volume at 6s. per copy, and so confident are they of the success of the venture, that they are to print at once forty thousand copies, for which they anticipate an immediate sale.  The cheapest edition of MR. TENNYSON's poems hitherto published, costs £2 10s., and comprises ten volumes.