The DUKE OF EDINBURGH, attended by COLONEL COLVILLE and CAPTAIN HAIG, arrived at St. Petersburg on Sunday afternoon, in good health and capital spirits.  About an hour previously, the Imperial carriage and sledges arrived at the railway station to receive his Royal Highness, and presently a guard of honour, with a band at its head and the Russian Eagle displayed, was drawn up on the platform.
Soon afterwards the GRAND DUKE ALEXIS appeared on the scene, and saluting the guard with a hearty "Good morning, soldiers," was received with a stentorian response.  Next came the GRAND DUKE NICHOLAS, who gave and received the same greeting; and it now only remained for the EMPEROR to arrive, which he did a few minutes after two o'clock, accompanied by a brilliant staff, amongst whom was the British ambassador.
So soon as the train had entered the station the DUKE OF EDINBURGH jumped out and advanced to the EMPEROR, who gave him a most affectionate welcome, as did also the GRAND DUKES in turn, the band meanwhile playing "God save the Queen !".  His Royal HIghness who was dressed in full naval uniform, inspected the guard of honour minutely, and then passed out of the station to the carriage in waiting, when he drove away, attended by a cavalry guard of honour.
When the DUKE arrived at the Winter Palace, he was received by the EMPRESS and the PRINCESS MARIE, together with the Imperial household.  Dinner took place at six, only the family being present.