BUCHANAN. - At No. 1 Harriston, Aspatria, on May 30, 1950, to Florence Verina (nee GRAHAM), wife of Stanley BUCHANAN - the gift of a son,  Stanley Nolan.

MAUDSLEY. - At the Whitehaven Nursing Home on the 27 May 1950, to  Mr. and Mrs. Rex MAUDSLEY (nee Audrey JOHNSTON) - a daughter, Jennifer  Mary.



DAVIES. - Mrs. M. A. (Dot), wife of Alderman G. H. DAVIES, J. P., passed peacefully away on May 7th, 1950. 49 Trivell Street,  Windes.
“Good was her heart,
And in friendship sound.”

FLEMING. - At 34 Market Place, Cockermouth, on May 31, 1950, Annie  Isobella, beloved wife of Frederick FLEMING. To be interred at Cockermouth  Cemetery to-day (Saturday) June 3rd at 11 a.m., leaving residence at 10-20 a.m.  for service at All Saints Church 10-30 a.m. Friends please accept this (the  only) intimation.
Will the members of the Cockermouth Harmonic Society please meet in  the Vestry at 10-15 a.m.

GASKARTH. - At 7 Church Street, Threlkeld, on the 26th May, Joseph  Allinson, youngest son of the late Thomas GASKARTH. Was interred at Threlkeld  Church on the 29th May, 1950.
KERR. - On May 25th, 1950, Mrs. Bessie H. KERR of Lorton, late of  Whitehaven, died suddenly in Rome, Italy.
LITTLE. - At a Glasgow infirmary, on the 25th May, 1950, Isobella  Mitchell, late of Aspatria, beloved wife of Daniel LITTLE, 222 Aikenhead Road,  Glasgow, S2.
“Sadly Missed.”
POTTER. - At Bank End, Lamplugh, on May 31, 1950, John, beloved husband of  Hannah Isabel POTTER. To be interred at Ennerdale Churchyard to-day   (Saturday), June 3rd, at 2-30 p.m., leaving residence at 2-15  p.m.
SHARP. - At Cottage hospital, Cockermouth on May 31, 1950, Margaret  Ann, beloved wife of the late Joseph Drummond SHARP, aged 74 years. To be  interred at Cockermouth Cemetery to-day (Saturday) June 3rd at 2-15 p.m.,  leaving 8 Walker Street at 2 o’clock. Friends please accept this (the  only) intimation.
TYSON. - On June 2, 1950 at Rougholm Cottage, Ravenglass, late of   Cumberlands, Holmrook, Elizabeth, beloved wife of John A. TYSON, aged 81 years.  To be interred at St. Michael’s Church, Lancaster on Monday, June 5, 1950 at 2  p.m.

WAITE. - At Cottage Hospital, Cockermouth, on Wednesday, May 31st,  1950, Thomas Robinson, dearly beloved husband of Mary L. WAITE, Manor House,  Dean, Workington, aged 69 years. To be interred at Dean, to-day (Saturday) June  3rd, 1950 at 3 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.

WILSON. - At 54 St. Mungos Park, Aspatria, on the 2 June, 1950,  Jane Ann, fourth daughter of the late George and Ann WILSON (late of St. Helena,   Silloth), aged 78 years. To be interred at Aspatria Church on Sunday, June 4,  1950 at 3 p.m. leaving residence at 2-50 p.m. Friends please accept this (the  only) intimaton.
“At Rest.”
How a well Whitehaven lady’s Sunday morning visit to  church had fatal
consequences was revealed when Mr. H. F. T. GOUGH, deputy coroner investigated on Wednesday evening the circumstances of the death of Mrs.  Eleanor Mary PATTINSON, aged 67, of 9 Church Street.
He had before him evidence that Mrs. PATTINSON left  home alone at 7-15 a.m. on May 28 to attend Mass at St. Begh’s Toman Catholic  Church on Coach Road. When leaving after the service she appeared to catch her  foot on the top step; people waiting outside for the second Mass saw Mrs.  PATTINSON try to clutch the handrail to recover her balance. She failed to do so and before anybody could get to her aid she fell backwards down four concrete steps, striking her head with considerable force on the  back. Unconscious she was removed to Whitehaven Hospital  where examination revealed that her skull was fractured. She died two days  later.
Verdict: Accidental Death.


OBITUARY - MR. HAROLD NICHOLSON,  WIGTON. Well-known as a bus driver between Carlisle and Whitehaven for the  
Cumberland Motor Services, Mr. Harold NICHOLSON, died at the weekend after a  month’s illness at his home at Bloomfield House, Station Road, Wigton, at the  age of 60 years. Employees and officials including Mr. A. F. COWEN, District  Superintendent, Carlisle, of the Company were present at the funeral on  Wednesday. Some of them acting as bearers.
Requiem Mass was conducted at the Roman Catholic Church by Canon McNAREY and the burial service at Wigton Cemetery was conducted by Father  WELLS.
Mr. NICHOLSON was with the Royal Army Service Corps in Salonika in  the 1914-1918 war and joined the C. M. S. after working for a short time in  London. He was a well-known right winger in local football in his younger days, and clock and watch making were his hobby. He drove the first solid tyred bus in   Wigton nearly thirty years ago.


OBITUARY - MRS. G. HARDEN, FLIMBY. The funeral of Mrs. HARDEN, wife of Mr. George HARDEN, West Lane,  Flimby
took place on Sunday afternoon. The service was conducted in St. Nicholas  Church by the Rev. A. L. WEBB. Mr. Jos. ROBLEY was the organist. There were many floral tributes.
Mrs. HARDEN died very suddenly on Friday morning. She had been out  shopping the previous day and she did not feel well on Friday morning when she  came downstairs. Her husband sent for a neighbour, but Mrs. HARDEN died in a few minutes.



Many friends regretted the  passing of a well-known and  respected resident
of Lorton, Mrs. Annie Elizabeth STODDART, the wife of Mr. J.  H. STODDART, White Ash, at the age of 75 years.
Mrs. STODDART was the late surviving daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry PEARSON, Boonbeck, a branch of Lorton’s oldest family. For the past  eighteen months she had been in poor health, although not permanently confined  to her bed and had celebrated her 75th birthday the day previous to her death.
In her younger days she had been a member for 25 years of the  church choir. She is survived by her husband, one son and three daughters, all of whom are married.
The interment took place at Lorton Church at which the Rev. Canon FARRER officiated. Mrs. JOHNSTON was at the organ. There was a large and  representative gathering of friends and sympathizers and many beautiful wreaths  and floral tributes.



Mr. and Mrs. William DITCHBURN, Stamford Hill Farm,  Lowca, and Mr. William DITCHBURN and family, Flimby, wish to thank all friends and neighbors for kindness and sympathy, also those who sent floral tributes and  letters of condolence in their bereavement.

Mrs. George GRAHAM and family wish to express their  grateful thanks to Dr. RANKIN and all friends in their sad bereavement; also those who sent floral tributes.

Mrs. MITCHELL and family, 3 Schoose Cottages,  Workington, wish to thank the Rev. A. W. BINNS, Dr. ROBINSON, Doctors and Staff,  Workington Infirmary, Mr. and Mrs. BOWES, Mr. and Mrs. GIBSON, Mrs. CARSWELL,  Mr. W. DOUGLAS (undertaker), bearers and all who sent letters of sympathy and  floral tributes during
their recent sad bereavement.

Mr. Joseph WILKINSON and family, Pleasant View, Brow Top, Flimby,  wish to thank Doctors RATTRIE and BIRD, Nurse KEATLEY, Doctors and Staff  Workington Infirmary, all friends and neighbors for kindness and sympathy, also  those who sent floral tributes and letters of condolence in their bereavement.


RAFFERTY. - In loving memory of our dear father, died June 4,  1936. Also our dear mother, died June 19th, 1936.
- Always remembered by Nellie, Stanley, Jim, Elsie and  Betty.

SIMPSON. - In loving memory of a loving wife and mother, Jane, who died 3rd, 1948.
- Ever remembered by a loving husband, Jack and daughter  Thelma.
“Till memories fade and life departs
She will live forever in  our hearts.”

SIMPSON. - In loving memory of a dear mother, Jane, who died June  3rd, 1948. -Ever remembered by Geoff, Phyllis and family.
“Nothing can ever take away
The love a heart holds dear,
Fond  memories linger every day
Remembrance keeps them near.”

STRONG. - In loving memory of a dear wife and mother, Martha, who died June 3rd, 1944.
- Fondly remembered by her loving Husband and all the  family.
“To memories ever dear.”

TOWERS. - Treasured memories of our dear daughter, Sylvia, who died  June 7th, 1948, at 10 Derwent Avenue, Seaton.
Loved and longed for always by Mam, Dad and Gary.
“Never a day do we forget you,
You are always near bringing many  a tear.”

WALLACE. - In loving memory of a dear husband and dad, William  Brown WALLACE, died June 1st, 1948.
- Ever remembered by his loving wife and daughter  Iris.
“He tried so hard to stay with us.
His fight was all in  vain;
God called him to His Heavenly home,
And freedom from his  pain.”

WATERS. - In loving memory of our dear father, died June 5th,  1942. - Always remembered by Stanley and Nellie.


 ASH. - Treasured memories of cousin Renee, died June 1, 1947. -  Always remembered by Elsie.
“Time may pass and fade away,
But thoughts of her will always  stay.”

BENSON. - In loving memory of a dear sister, Lizzie Hind BENSON,  who died June 3rd, 1949.
- Always remembered by John and Pollie.
“In silence we remember.”

BENSON (nee REID). - Treasured memories of my dear sister, Lizzie HIND, who passed away June 3rd, 1949.
-Always remembered by her twin sister, Annie,  Keswick.
“Resting where no shadows fall.”

CLARK. - Treasured memories of a dear husband and dad. James C. CLARK, who died in the Cumberland Infirmary, 4th June 1948.
- Ever remembered by Win, Brian and Margaret.
“Beautiful memories silently kept,
Of one we loved dearly and  will never forget.”

DICKINSON. - In loving memory of Margaret Joan, dearly beloved  adopted child of Isabella DICKINSON, who died on June 4th, 1948, aged 13  years.
- Fondly remembered by Joe and Bella DICKINSON.

DOCKERAY. -  (W. S., late of 2 Low Seaton). Loving memories of  a dear dad, who left us June 5th, 1948, and our dear mum, who left us October  19th, 1946.
- Always in our thoughts, Mamie, Ethel, Jean and  Joe.
“For everyone they did their best,
May God grant them eternal  rest.”

DOUGLAS. - In treasured remembrance of a dear husband and father,  Thomas (Tommy) who died at St. Mungo’s Park, Aspatria, on June 4th,  1945.
- “Never one day forgotten by his wife and family, at home and  abroad.”
Deep in my heart a memory is kept,
I smile with the world but I  never forget.

EELBECK. - Treasured memories of  a Daddy and Grand-da, who died June 1st, 1947, at Cuskeld House, Upperby; also of Momma, who died February  25th 1940.
- Always remembered by Isabel and Tom and grandson  Colin.
“Your memory is our keepsake,
With which we’ll never  part.”

GIBSON. - In loving remembrance of my dear husband, John, who died  at The Bungalow, Brayton Road, Aspatria, June 2nd, 1948.
- Ever remembered by his loving wife and family. Ferndale, Lorton  Road, Cockermouth.

HAYES. - Treasured memories of my dear husband, James, who died  June 3rd, 1949.
- Always remembered by his wife Betty, 21 Pringle,  Aspatria.
“Thoughts go back to bygone days
Life goes on, but memory  stays.”




RAY - HETHERINGTON. - On the 31st May, 1925, at Allhallows Church,  by the Rev. A. B. STEVENS, John Wm. RAY to Annie HETHERINGTON. - Present  address, Brough Hill, Wigton.

SOWERBY - STARKIE. - On June 4th, 1925, at All Saints Church, Cockermouth, by the Rev. John ROWLAND, William, second son of Mr. and Mrs. J.  SOWERBY, Blennerhasset to Ellen, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David STARKIE,  Cockermouth.
- Present address: 11 Grassmoor Avenue, Cockermouth. ______________


SOWERBY. - Congratulations to our daughter and son-in-law, Ellen  and Billy on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary. June 4th. - From  Mam and Dad.

SOWERBY. - Congratulations to Ellen and Billy, on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary, June 4th. - From Evelyn and  Ernie.

Congratulations to my niece and nephew, Mr. and Mrs. William SOWERBY, on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary, June 4th. - Uncle  William.



THOMPSON - HARRY. - At Leigh Parish Church, on May 26, 1900 by the  Rev. EVANS, Robert James, Eldest son of Charles and Ruth THOMPSON, Beacon House,  Allonby, to Mary CLARK, daughter of Richard and Margaret HARRY,  Flimby. Present address: Beacon House, Allonby.



Mr. and Mrs. Thomas WALTERS, Workingtonians who went  to Motherwell 43 years ago, last Saturday celebrated their golden wedding. Mr.  WALTERS is an ironworker at New Yard, and he went to Motherwell to follow the  same occupation, seven years after his marriage. After his retirement he was  janitor at the Y. M. C. A buildings for a number of years.
    Mrs. WALTERS was formerly Miss. Jane YEOWARD, of Peter Street, Workington. For many years she and her husband have been enthusiastic  workers for the Salvation Army, and Major and Mrs. MURRAY, of the local corps  presided at the Golden wedding celebrations. Mr. WALTERS sister, Harriet, Now  Mrs. W. ELLIOTT, who was a bridesmaid at the wedding was also  present.
    Mr. and Mrs. WALTERS have six daughters and one son  and 14 grandchildren.
Mr. WALTERS is 72 and Mrs. WALTERS is  70.