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May I again ask for space to reply to Miss. MANN. With  regard to the first paragraph of Miss. MANN’s letter, the idea was my own and I composed the letter myself. With regard to the second the matter was in abeyance  so far as the Church Council were concerned. There is a right of way through the  gates of the school, but this does not alter the fact that Mrs. BRADBURNE favors new gates as a memorial to her late husband. Surely her wish should be respected  and complied with.

 When in the district last year she expressed a wish to have the gates erected. Miss. MANN says the Church Council is not the promoter of
the  memorial, but according to the C. C. minute book on January 30, 1942, Miss. MANN  proposed a memorial to be erected to the late Rev. J. BRADBURNE, and that a  house to house collection be made. This was passed  unanimously.

I think the public might be excused if they came to the conclusion that I am not a subscriber. I was out when Miss. MANN called and  my wife gave a subscription in our joint names. I was recognized as a subscriber  for some time, but now I am told I am not.

William TIMPERON, vice-chairman,
Bromfield Church  Council